Linacre is pleased to offer a wide range of scholarship opportunities to prospective students. The following scholarships are only tenable at Linacre and successful candidates will be transferred here to take up the award.

Our scholarships do not require a separate application, unless otherwise stated in the scholarship details, as all eligible candidates are considered with their initial application. It is however recommended that you familiarise yourself with the eligibility criteria, so that you are aware of the available opportunities.

All students wishing to be considered for our scholarships should apply to their course by the January deadline.

Fifteen years ago, I was suffering sleepless nights worrying about money for my DPhil research. That all ended the moment I was awarded a Scholarship - although over a decade ago, the memory is absolutely not forgotten.
Janice, DPil in Environmental Change

AfOx-Linacre Humanities Scholarship

AfOx-Linacre Norman and Ivy Lloyd Scholarship

AfOx-Linacre Resonac Scholarship

AfOx-Linacre Ronald and Jane Olson Scholarship

AfOx-Linacre Trapnell Scholarship

AfOx Wanakaset

Braam Studentship

Brewer Street Scholarship

Canadian Alumni Scholarship

Carolyn and Franco Gianturco Scholarship in Theoretical Chemistry

Dapo Olagunju Scholarship

EPA Cephalosporin Scholarship

Giacomo Vaciago Scholarship

Linacre Anthropology Scholarship

Nosce Scholarship

Madge Adam Scholarship

Oxford-EPA Cephalosporin Graduate Scholarship

Oxford-Linacre African Scholarship

Oxford Professor Louis J. Curran

Rausing Anthropology Scholarship

Rausing English Scholarship

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