Welcome from the Principal

As a graduate college, Linacre welcomes students and fellows from all over the world to study in every department of the University of Oxford. The College was established more than sixty years ago to look after the needs of post-graduate students better. Our aim is to offer high quality living and study facilities and valuable advice and support. It is a comfortable, friendly environment in which to work and relax, where everyone from the most distinguished professor to our newest student is equally welcome.

Linacre is well-known and respected as a college with strong values. For more than 30 years we have been committed to reducing our impact on the environment and supporting scholarship in this area. We are also centrally involved in promoting access to post-graduate research and education, particularly for those from the least advantaged backgrounds.

When I joined the University as a newly qualified post-doc, Linacre College provided me with a valued and encouraging community. Linacre continues to provide support for a large post-doc community, and plays a vital role of establishing them in their careers.

The College is in the heart of the city of Oxford, standing on the edge of the Science Area and surrounded by peaceful parks and gardens. I hope that our website gives you a sense of our beautiful buildings, thriving, inclusive community and our commitment to scholarship and sustainability.

Principal, Dr Nick Leimu-Brown