CR Executive Team

President: Qifeng Yang


As president, I am here to represent the Common Room Members to the College and wider University. My role is to ensure the Exec Committee and Reps have everything they need to get their jobs done. If you don't know who to contact, or wish to raise any concerns, please contact me on



Treasurer: Dragana Savic

Every year Linacre allocates a significant portion of funding to Common Room activities and sports and recreation. This money is set aside for students to enrich the life of the college however they see fit. These funds are a partial return on your college fees, so you’re encouraged to make the most of them! I am responsible for preparing the annual budget detailing how these funds are divided up among accounts for Common Room social events, services, and equipment as well as clubs and societies. Executive Committee members and heads of clubs and societies access funds from their respective accounts by submitting to me invoices addressed to the college or reimbursement forms with receipts documenting their spending. I authorize payments to vendors and refunds to individuals by the college bursary for budgeted expenses. Each term I provide updates on account balances at Common Room meetings. I am the first port of call for questions regarding Common Room finances. I also serve as the primary point of contact between the students and the bursary. You can contact me at

Secretary: Tanvi Bhatia


As CR secretary I arrange Executive Committee meetings twice a term, prepare agendas and record minutes of both Executive and CR meetings. I also maintain the archive of CR documents and distribute the CR mail. I'm the one to contact if you have any questions about the constitution or by-laws. 




Welfare and Equality Secretary: Ryan Leahy

My main job is offer advice, support and a sympathetic ear to any member of the college who feels in need of it. Please feel free to get in touch with any problems, be they large, small, work or home related and I’ll be happy to help. My other roles are to provide info on health and welfare related issues, where more information is available here, to run the mentor scheme, and organise the CR's newspaper and magazine subscriptions.


Linacre Lines Editor: Nyree Manoukian

Linacre Lines is the rather wonderful publication the Common Room puts out each term, celebrating the creativity of our members. As editor, it is my job to tease out interesting, thought provoking and entertaining morsels from students and fellows alike. These may include, poetry, stories, factual pieces, opinion, news, artwork, puzzles and anything else anyone would like a platform from which to communicate to the CR. I am always on the lookout for new ideas, help with layouts from you artistic folk out there and suggestions for improvements, additions or omissions! Please send me anything you would like published.


Sports and Recreation Secretary: Jaeyoung Lee

My role is to co-ordinate the various sports teams and societies available at Linacre. If you want to start a new club, or join an existing one, send me an email, or catch me in the Common Room. I'm always looking for new ways to improve our sports and recreation facilities, so if you have any suggestions, or want to get more involved please let me know.



Social Secretaries: Dan Wilson. Derek Xu, Sapna Sinha

 As Social Secretaries our role is to make your time at Linacre a memorable one and to organise events that the whole CR body would be interested in. At Linacre we love a good party and are infamous for the post-event swimming on the grounds, so feel free to join in with any event and rest assured, although Linacre is a close and comfortable group, you will never come across a more welcoming bunch.

To ensure that all events will bring the best level of joy and entertainment to all of you, we feel it is important to put together a really varied term card, and are open to all suggestions. If you have any ideas of events that you are interested in, or that could bring the Fellows and student bodies closer together too, any nature walks, museum tours, city day trips, and even camping trips that you feel Linacrites should experience together, let us know.

To keep up to date with social events at Linacre and in the wider Oxford graduate community, you can subscribe to the Linacre Common Room mailing list by sending an email to: or join the Linacre Facebook CR site. Let the good times roll...


Development and Charities Officer: Emma Ainsley

My role is to organize and run the Common Room's charitable and development activities. This includes collections, sponsored runs, local volunteering, quizzes, parties and the legendary `Auction of Promises´ in fresher's week. I also work on making the CR endowment grow and liaise with college and the development office to help us improve facilities and services for members of the Common Room. Funds that are raised through CR events are donated to charities that are particularly important to CR members. I also work on making the CR members aware of services provided by external student unions. If you have an idea that you think I can help with, get in touch by emailing:


Environment Officer: Monica Alarcon


My role includes organizing a variety of environmental related projects, ranging from energy to building design to recycling to other various tasks. If you have any thoughts or questions or creative ideas, feel free to email me



Events Manager (Publicity Officer): Frances Noland

I keep the Linacre public informed about events occurring within our College and the University as a whole. Moreover, it's my honour to create some pretty posters for the events we’re putting on. If you have something that needs publicising and think the Linacrites should know about it, please drop me an e-mail.





OUSU Representative: Ari Schuler

I liaise with the Oxford University Student Union (OUSU). You can email me with any issues you would like to bring to OUSU.


Non-Executive Student Representatives

College Appointments