Linacre College probably has the best college gym in the University of Oxford, located in the basement of the Abraham building. It is equipped with a variety of cardiovascular and weight machines. Various fitness and dance classes are offered each term. The gym is open 24/7 throughout the year and it is free for all Linacre members.  People who are not members of Linacre College can purchase a membership (limited availability) by clicking here.

Use of the gym and fitness equipment is subject to attending an induction. 

For any further information or help please contact the Gym Manager at  Click here to see the gym schedule and fitness classes. Instructions for signing up for the classes can be found at the bottom of the linked pdf. Fitness classes are free for members of Linacre College; Linacre gym members from other colleges should contact the gym manager for information.

ANY matter or concern relating to the Gym should be brought to the attention of the Domestic Bursar via the gym email (above).

The Gym Manager is Jill Boggs.

To stay informed of gym news, please sign yourself up to the new Linacre gym maillist – you can also unsubscribe yourself whenever you like. In order to keep your inbox free of clutter, the maillist does not allow replies, so you will never have to spend time weeding through unwanted reply-all messages

The maillist will be used to inform you about relevant gym-related news, such as:

  • New equipment (and polls about needed/ desired equipment)
  • Equipment out-of-order notices
  • Gym schedule changes
  • Unexpected gym closures (and reminders about planned closures)
  • New fitness classes
  • Fitness class cancellations

Sign up by sending an email to (subject and body irrelevant) and then reply to the auto-confirm SYMPA message when it arrives.

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