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9.16 Alumni Relations

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The Development Office produces Linacre News, which deepens relations between former students and Linacre, and is also the link between current and past students. Linacre News exists as a medium for enabling Old Members to keep in touch with Linacre and with each other, and is available free of charge to past and present members of the College. (Multiple copies of Linacre News are available in the Common Room when the magazine is published, and students are invited to call into the Development Office for additional, or for back copies). The Office also organises Old Members’ events in various countries, and helps former students in several other ways, such as overseeing the Old Members’ online Directory, assisting with guest room booking and enabling former students to be in touch with each other.  We also offer a mentoring scheme through which some Old Members are available to give informal ;professional; advice to younger Old Members, or to current students. Students are welcome to call into the Development Office, and find out more about our work.