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9.3 Common Room

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The Common  Room  (combined  SCR/MCR) exists  to  provide cultural, social, sporting and recreational facilities for members; as well as for the representation of members in their corporate relations with societies, colleges and other bodies, within or outside Oxford.  There are Common Room meetings at least twice a Term and all members are encouraged to come along with any comments, suggestions (or complaints!) about life in the Common Room.  The Common Room produces a magazine called Lines, containing articles and information about life at Linacre and outside it.

The Common Room Executive are the President, Treasurer, Secretary, Social Secretaries, Sports Recreation Secretary, Publicity Officer, Welfare and Equality Officer, Environmental Officer, OUSU Representative/Development Officer and Lines Editor.  Elections for most of the Common Room Executive positions are held at the end of Michaelmas Term and the balance during Hilary Term.

All members of the College, including full-time staff and special members, are automatically members of the Common Room unless they have given notice in writing to the President of the Common Room by the end of second week of Michaelmas Term indicating their wish not to be members.