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Named Areas of College


  • The Bamborough Building - 1986

    Mr John Bamborough was Principal of Linacre College 1962 - 1988.
  • Ursula Hicks House - 1991

    Lady Ursula Hicks was a Fellow of the College; she and her husband, Sir John Hicks, generously left their house to Linacre.
  • The Edward & Asbjorg Abraham Building - 1995

    Sir Edward & Lady Abraham were Friends of Linacre College; the E P A Abraham Cephalosporin Fund was a leading donor for the Building. 
  • Peter Holloway House - 2002
  • Mr Peter Holloway was Domestic Bursar of Linacre College 1962 – 1989; Dr Keith & Mrs Marjorie Lloyd generously enabled the purchase of this house, and named it for Peter. 
  • O C Tanner Building - 2006

    Named in 2006 (though built in 1886) to thank the O C Tanner Company, and the Rt Rev'd Carolyn Tanner Irish, for their enormous generosity to the College.
  • Griffiths Building - 2008

    Mr Rodney Griffiths, leading donor for the Building, is an alumnus (1971) and an Honorary Fellow of Linacre College.
  • Neil Fraser-Bell House - 2013

    Dr Graeme Fraser-Bell, Neil's son, is an alumnus (1985) and the leading donor for Neil Fraser-Bell House.
  • Tanner House - 2013

    Given to Linacre by The Rt Rev'd Carolyn Tanner Irish, alumna (1964) & Honorary Fellow.
  • Carolyn Tanner Irish House - 2016. The Rt. Rev Carolyn Tanner Irish was the generous lead donor for this student accommodation. 


  • The Rom Harré Garden - 2010

    One major donor, and several others, made possible the naming of this new area of garden for a former Vice-Principal and Emeritus Fellow.
  • Garden Furniture - 2010 & 2011

    Details of kind donors who gave furniture can be found in a document available to borrow from Reception.

Public Rooms (OC Tanner Building)

  • The Tanner Room

    Professor Obert C. Tanner was an Honorary Fellow of Linacre College.
  • The Nadel Room

    Dr Benjamin Nadel, alumnus (1962), was a lawyer in the US.
  • The Carolyn Tanner Irish Room

    The Rt Rev'd Carolyn Tanner Irish is an alumna (1964) and Honorary Fellow of Linacre College. She is also the daughter of Professor Obert Tanner.

Student Rooms (Abraham Building)

  • The Japan Rooms (in the Abraham Building)

    Named for the Japanese Linacre Society, which in 1995 made a handsome donation for the Abraham Building.

Student Rooms (Griffiths Building)

  • The E P Abraham Floor

    A grant from the E P Abraham Cephalosporin Trust supported the construction of the building.
  • The Wolfson Rooms

    A Wolfson Foundation grant supported the construction of the building.
  • The Bryan Cartledge and Freda Newcombe Room

    Linacre Principal, 1988 - 1996, and his late wife, who was a College Fellow.
  • The Bob Hiorns Room

    Dr Robert W Hiorns was a former Vice-Principal of the College, Fellow & University Lecturer in Statistics.
  • The Tom Halsall Room

    Dr Thomas Halsall was an Emeritus Fellow, and formerly Finance Bursar.

Student Rooms (Peter Holloway House)

  • The Wolfson Room

    A Wolfson Foundation grant made in 2002 enabled some renovation work on this house.

​Student Flats / Rooms (Carolyn Tanner Irish House)

  • Dr Leslie Goulding Flat

    Dr Leslie Goulding (1974), alumnus, generously left a substantial bequest to the College. Leslie was a clinical scientist in the UK who developed modern heart-monitoring systems, and who in recent years lived near to Oxford. 
  • Professor Justin Leiber Flat

    Professor Justin Leiber (1970), alumnus, generously left a substantial bequest to the College. Justin was a philosopher and an academic, who was based in the USA, most recently in Florida.  
  • Gayatri Schilberg Room

    Gayatri Schilberg (1971), alumnus, generously left a very kind bequest to the College. Gayatri was an economist and a musician, based in the USA, latterly in California.


  • The Jaki Leverson Quad

    Named in memory of Jaki Leverson, a Linacre alumna (1969), thanks to a generous legacy gift from her estate.    
  • The Tanner Fountain

    Named for Professor Obert Tanner, Honorary Fellow of Linacre.  
  • The William Waldren Window

    Dr Waldren was an alumnus (1975); the window was named thanks to a gift from his estate.

Computer Workstations in College Library

  • Professor Morton Weber, Professor Weber was an alumnus (1970). The gift was made by his wife, Judge Phyllis Weber, in 2000.

  • Hitachi Chemical Europe, Friends of Linacre.

  • Leila Lenihan-Dawood, Daughter of two alumni. Gift made in 2002.

  • Rahmah Alghamdi and Eiddah Alghamdi, Parents of alumna Dr Deena Alghamdi (2012); Deena gave the plaque to thank her parents. 

Dining Hall Chairs

All of our Dining Hall chairs have been named for College members, or for Friends.  Additionally, all the chairs in our Small Dining Room, and in the Small Reading Room in the Library, have also been named.