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The Visitor -- High Steward of the University The Rt Hon Lord Reed 

The Principal

Leimu-Brown, Dr Nick Principal
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GB Fellows

Ackermann, Dr Silke Director, Museum of the History of Science Website
Alexander, Prof Jocelyn Professor of Development Studies Website
Allen, Prof Myles Professor of Geosystem Science Website
Assender, Prof Hazel Professor of Materials Website
Barker, Simon Domestic Bursar
Buczacki , Simon Richard Blackwell Pharsalia Professor in Colorectal Surgery
Burton, Dr Rebecca-Ann SRF in Pharmacology Website
Caplan, Prof Richard Professor of International Relations Website
Castell, Prof Martin Professor of Materials Website
Dudarev, Dr Sergei SRF, Materials Science Website
Ebmeier, Prof Klaus Professor of Old Age Psychiatry Website
Ewart, Dr Elizabeth AP of Social Anthropology Website
Gibney, Professor Matthew Professor of Politics and Forced Migration Website
Hall, Prof James (Jim) Director of ECI Website
Hector, Prof Andrew AP of Plant Sciences (Prof of Ecology) Website
Hoverd, Dr Jane Senior Tutor, SRF
Iliffe, Prof Robert Professor of the History of Science
Ingram, Dr Jenni AP of Education (Mathematics) Website
Kan, Dr Man Yee AP of Sociology Website
Khatiwala, Prof Samar AP of Climate Sciences and Professor of Earth Sciences Website
Kirkland, Prof Angus Professor of Materials Website
Kleanthous, Prof Kleanthis (Colin) Professor Microbial Biochemistry Website
Kringelbach , Prof Morten Professor of Neuroscience
La Thangue, Prof Nicholas (Nick) Professor of Cancer Biology Website
MacKay, Prof John Professor of Forest Science Website
Mandeville, Pete Student Welfare Service Lead, University of Oxford
Marginson, Prof Simon Professor of Higher Education
Mills, Dr Ian John Black Associate Professor of Prostate Cancer
Morton, Dr Chris Head of Research & Curator, Pitt Rivers Museum Website
Mustafa, Dr Asma SRF, Research Fellow at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies Website
Obersteiner, Dr Michael Director of ECI
Pollard, Prof Mark Vice-Principal
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Preston, Prof Gail Professor of Plant-Microbe Website
Rival, Dr Laura Tutor for Women, AP of Anthropology and Development Website
Rose, Dr Heath
Contact e-mail:
Seale, David Finance Bursar
Stein, Prof Alan Professor in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Website
Travis, Prof Simon Professor of Gastroenterology Website
van Broekhoven, Prof Laura Director, Pitt-Rivers Museum, Professor of Museum Studies, Ethics and Material Culture
Wetzer, Thom AP in Law and Finance
Whiteley, Dr Jonathan AP of Computational Biology Website
Ye, Dr Hua Cathy AP of Engineering Science Website

Honorary Fellows

Anderson, Sir Roy Malcolm
Baines, Miss Priscilla Jean
Blundell, Professor Sir Tom Leon
Cartledge, Sir Bryan
Gianturco, Prof Franco
Gianturco, Prof Carolyn
Ginwala, Dr Frene
Griffiths, Mr Rodney
Hooker , Prof Morna Dorothy
Hope, The Rt. Revd and Rt. Hon. Lord Hope of Thornes, KCVO
Lloyd, Dr Keith
Newstead, Dr Charles
Nurse, Sir Paul
Olson, Mr Ron L
Patel, Dr Urjit
Rausing, Dr Kirsten Birgit Solveig
Scott, Dr David Knight
Slack, Prof Paul Alexander
Tellier, Mr Paul M
Thomas, Dr Geoffrey Price
Uyeno, Mr Takashi

Emeritus Fellows

Bailey, Simon
Bateman, Mrs Carol
Bennett, Prof James Arthur (Jim)
Briden, Prof James (Jim)
Bron, Prof Anthony John (Tony)
Burlakov, Dr Victor SRF in Materials Science Website
Butler, Dr Barry
Catling, Prof Brian Professor of Fine Art (Sculpture) Website
Charlton, Dr Harry M
Corsi, Prof Pietro Website
Cox, Dr Brian S
Dorey, Dr Alan Jackson (Bill)
Fennell, Dr Rosemary
Fox, Prof Robert Website
Garrard, Dr Christopher Stephen
Hackmann, Dr Willem Dirk
Holmes, Dr John SRF, Earth Sciences Website
Holt, Dr John Michael (Jim)
Jacoby, Prof Robin
Jones, Dr Schuyler
Keene, Dr Anne Former Director of Development
Knowles, Prof Christopher John
McGee, Prof James
Morgan, Revd Robert (Bob)
Newbury, Dr Colin Walter
O'Donoghue, Professor Heather Professor of Old Norse Website
O'Hanlon, Professor Michael Website
Owen, Dr David Cyril
Parkinson, Dr Stephen Website
Read, Mr William Russell
Reid, Alison Former Bursar
Rivière, Prof Peter G
Sarkar, Prof Subir Professor of Physics Website
Sherratt, Prof David
Snowdon, Dr Colin Brett
Stores, Prof Gregory
Tite, Prof Michael Stanley
Walter, Dr Catherine Website
Watson, Prof Anne
Weaver, Dr Mike
Whelan, Prof Michael John (Mike)
Williams, Prof J. Mark Website

Supernumerary Fellows

Bundy, Prof Donald Alfred Payne
Earle, Prof Thomas
Ferguson, Prof Neil Morris
Flint, Prof Kate
Giles, Prof Paul David Website
Hague, Dr Stephen George
Liverman, Prof Diana Margaret
Macrory, Prof Richard
McVean, Prof Gil Website
Morphy, Prof Howard
Mühlhäusler, Prof Peter
Mullin, Prof Tom
Parry, Prof Martin Lewis
Peers, Professor Laura
Pirie, Prof Susan Elizabeth Bond
Pratt, Prof Lloyd
Robb, Ms Margaret
Süli, Prof Endre
Sutton, Prof Adrian P
Vertovec, Prof Steven Allen
Zitzmann, Prof Nicole

Adjunct Fellows

Barker, Dr Clara Dean for Equality and Diversity
Contact e-mail:
Beeley, Dr Philip Alan Website
Bhagwat, Dr Shonil Website
Cardelli, Prof Luca Website
Clarke, Ms Louise
Coutu, Dr Ashley Research Fellow at the Pitt Rivers Museum
Ellis, Prof. George Website
Guagnini, Dr Anna
Harpur, Dr Yvonne
Hill, Dr Jennifer Senior Post-doctoral Researcher, Department of Paediatrics
Ish-Horowicz, Dr David
Kiire, Dr Christine
Krausz , Prof Michael
Miller, Prof John
Mouthuy, Dr Pierre-Alexis Website
Nair, Prof Venugopal
O'Donnell, Prof Ian Michael
Phillips, Prof Simon Visiting Professor of Molecular Biophysics & President of the British Crystallographic Association Website
Quigley, Prof Maria
Contact e-mail:
Thorogood , Dr Christopher Deputy Director & Head of Science, University of Oxford Botanic Garden & Arboretum Website

Junior Research Fellows

Agostinelli, Emilio Researcher at Department of Pharmacology (Blaschko JRF)
Almásy-Martin, Dr Adrienn Researcher at Ioannou Centre for Classical and Byzantine Studies
Andrews, Dr Keith Researcher at Anderson Research Group Molecular Engineering
Arboell, Dr. Troels Visiting Fellow at Faculty of Oriental Studies (Carlsberg Foundation JRF)
Bach-Mortensen, Dr Anders Visiting Fellow at Department of Social Policy and Intervention (Carlsberg Foundation JRF)
Bonetti, Dr Leonardo Researcher at the Department of Psychiatry (Carlsberg JRF)
Booth, Dr Sean Postdoctoral Researcher at the Department of Zoology (EPA JRF)
Borgqvist, Dr Johannes Affiliate Researcher at the Mathematical Institute
Boyle, Dr Mary Researcher at the Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages (Leverhulme Early Career Fellow)
Brown, Dr Liam Researcher at the Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology and the Wolfson Centre for Mathematical Biology (Biomedical JRF)
Chakraborty, Dr Tapabrata Postdoctoral Researcher Department of Engineering Science (EPA JRF)
Choi , Dr Jeongyoon Researcher at Department of Biochemistry (EPA JRF)
Christodoulou , Dr Maria Researcher at Department of Statistics (EPA JRF)
Cooper, Dr Fergus Research Software Engineer at the Department of Computer Science (Biomedical JRF)
Daniels, Dr Lorna Postdoctoral Research Fellow Radcliffe Department of Medicine (Sir Paul Nurse JRF)
Ellison, Dr Cara Jane Postdoctoral Researcher at the Department of Biochemistry (Susan and George Brownlee JRF)
Greeff , Ms Heloise Researcher at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering
Hanley, Dr Ryan Postdoctoral Researcher in the Ion Trap Quantum Computing group
Hass, Dr Trine Carlsberg JRF
House, Mr Robert Researcher at Department of Materials (EPA JRF)
Høeg, Dr Mette Postdoc Fellow at the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics (Carlsberg JRF)
Kapitan, Dr Katarzyna
Karlberg, Dr Alexander Researcher at Rudolf Peierls Centre for Theoretical Physics (David Cockayne JRF)
Krejberg Knudsen , Dr Nicolai Visiting Fellow at the Department of Philosophy (Carlsberg Foundation JRF)
Kristensen, Dr Jeppe (Carlsberg Foundation JRF)
Lundsteen, Dr Martin Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Criminology (Carlsberg Foundation JRF)
Lyngs, Dr Ulrik Visiting Fellow at Department of Computer Science (Carlsberg Foundation JRF)
Massetti, Dr Laura Visiting Fellow at Faculty of Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics (Carlsberg Foundation JRF)
Montana, Dr Jasper Research Fellow at the School of Geography and the Environment
Nicolson , Dr Philippa Researcher at the Nuffield Department of Orthopaedics, Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal Sciences (EPA JRF)
Nielsen, Dr Vibe Visiting Fellow at the Pitt Rivers Museum (Carlsberg JRF)
Panciroli, Dr Elsa Leverhulme Early Career Research Fellow at the Museum of Natural History (EPA JRF)
Pank Arbøll , Dr Troels Carlsberg Foundation Visiting Fellow at the Faculty of Oriental Studies
Pirzada, Mr Talha (Fellows' JRF)
Ponomareva , Dr Anastasia Postdoctoral Research Assistant Astrophysics (Carolyn and Franco Gianturco JRF)
Rasmussen, Dr Sophie Researcher at the Department of Zoology (Carlsberg JRF)
Rijal, Dr Pramila Researcher at the MRC Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine
Rodriguez Macia , Dr Patricia Researcher at the Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory (EPA JRF)
Seidenfaden, Dr Emil Visiting Fellow at the History Faculty (Carlsberg Foundation JRF)
Shaw, Dr Liam Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Zoology (EPA JRF)
Simonsen, Dr Anja Carlsberg Foundation JRF
Sterri, Dr Aksel Postdoctoral Researcher at the Philosophy Faculty (JMH JRF)
Stevens, Dr Nicola Fellow at the School of Geography and the Environment (Trapnell JRF)
Stevens, Dr Emily Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Zoology (EPA JRF)
Svensmark, Dr Jacob Postdoc Researcher at the Department of Physics (Carlsberg JRF)
von Hausegger , Dr Sebastian Visiting Fellow at the Rudolf Peierls Centre for Theoretical Physics (Carlsberg Foundation JRF)
Vosding, Dr Lena Researcher at the Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages (Bryan Warren JRF)