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We encourage alumni to set up Linacre Societies, to enable them to keep in touch with each other, and with the College. Below you can find a list of existing Societies. Contact Lisa Smårs, Head of Alumni Relations and Development, if you would like to start a new society, or have questions about the existing ones.


Over the last ten years, several dinners have been held in Montreal, kindly hosted by an alumnus and Honorary Fellow. In 2007, the first dinner in Ottawa, and Reception in Toronto, were held, followed by a dinner in Toronto in 2011, and also for the 50th Anniversary, in 2012. In early 2015, the Principal made a whistle-stop visit across Canada, meeting alumni in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver. In 2007, the Canadian Alumni Scholarship was established, thanks to seven generous alumni living in Canada, and one other Linacre member. This has enabled the College to add a second scholarship for Canadian students, following on from the long-established Canadian National Scholarship, and to attract a substantial number of students from the country. In April 2011, following the visit by the Principal to Canada, a Canada LinkedIn group was set up; contact Lisa Smårs if you would like to join.

Contact:  Dr Alan Polak


We are very excited that a recent Linacre graduate has volunteered to organize informal events or gatherings in China. A small group met in 2012, and we hope further events will take place. 

If you are interested in this or future events, please contact Ms Lin YANG, mobile 0086 1860 137 9226.


Following a dinner in Munich on 31st January 2009, and circulation of all alumni in Austria and Germany, this new Society has been born. A lunch was also been held in the College for all German-speaking students, to inform them about the new group, and an electronic circulation list was set up.  Several events have taken place in Berlin, headed up enthusiastically by Kathrin Lebrecht and Stephan Kreutzer, former staff member and former Fellow respectively. At the last count, there were 20 members based in or near to Berlin. 

The German-speaking Society contacts in Germany are Ms Kathrin Lebrecht and Professor Stephan Kreutzer.

Hong Kong

Following the success of the Linacre Dinner at the Hong Kong Club on 23 March 2017, there was renewed interest in establishing an ongoing Linacre Hong Kong Society, to enable better communications between the nearly 50 Linacre alumni in the area, as well as offer opportunities for informal social occasions.

All Linacre members who live in Hong Kong, or who plan to visit, are warmly invited to join. To indicate your interest in being in touch with other Linacre members in Hong Kong, and to hear about upcoming events, please send your name and e-mail address to Dr Simon Griffin. 

Simon Griffin:


A core group of Linacre alumni who live in Delhi have set up a Facebook group to stay connected, but it is open to all Linacre Members in India or elsewhere. You can find the page and request to join here


Since 2000, the Society has organised an annual Italian Linacre Lecture, rotating around various Italian cities, including Bologna, Florence, Genoa, Milan (twice), Padua, Pisa, Rome (many times), and the Isle of Capri (Naples), with Old Members giving the lectures. The Society has also helped the College with fundraising projects, notably setting up a three-year link with Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena. Photos of recent lectures, and information on previoius lectures in the series, may be found in the Events Archive.

Contacts: Professor Carlo Mortara and Professor Giovanni Paoloni


The Society has held several dinners in Tokyo, and one in Kobe, and also successfully raised their target amounts for both the 40th and 50th Linacre Anniversary Campaigns. The current Principal has made two visits to Japan—in 2012, and 2016—where he attended Linacre Japan Society dinners, as well as met individually with Linacre alumni.

Contacts: Professor Katsuya Hiromoto, Mr Takashi Uyeno.


The 23+ Linacre alumni and Friends in Portugal have been contacted. An electronic network has been set up, and we hope that other events may emerge. Portuguese alumni have also been informed about the (relatively) nearby Italian Linacre Lecture!



A nascent Linacre Singapore Society has existed for a few years, thanks to Dr Ryal Wun (2009), who organised several informal and very enjoyable get-togethers in Singapore.  Now, following the success of the Linacre Dinner with the Principal at the Swiss Club on 25 March 2017, Linacre alumni, Dr John Cole (2006) and Mr Yukihiro Nomura (2009), have offered to co-ordinate efforts to build on these events to strengthen the Singapore Society and provide even more opportunities to meet and be in touch with each other. Some of their ideas and suggestions may be found in the message below, which was sent following the March 2017 dinner.

Please contact John or Yukihiro to hear more about Linacre events in Singapore, and to connect with others in the region (around 50 in Singapore).  All Linacre Members and Friends are welcome, including Linacre new arrivals or visitors to Singapore.

Contacts:      John Cole

                       Yukihiro Nomura


An initial dinner in Madrid was held in late 2007, and the 30+ alumni in Spain have been contacted. An electronic network has been set up, and we hope that other events may emerge. Spanish alumni have also been informed about the (relatively) nearby Italian Linacre Lecture!

Contact: Mr Frederick Artesani


Events have been held in various cities, comprising the following in recent years: Boston, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, & Washington, DC. And every other year there is the Oxford University Reunion weekend in New York, when a Linacre dinner is always held on the Saturday evening. In April 2016, this was held in Washington DC for the first time, with numbers as high as ever.  During the 40th and 50th Anniversary Campaigns, US alumni were active fundraisers and generous donors to Linacre. 

Contact: Mr Bruce Reynolds