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HT Week 8 CR General Meeting 07-03-2018

HT Week 8 CR General Meeting 07-03-2018

Date published: 
Friday 9th March 2018

Approval of last meeting: will be approved when circulated.

CR Exec Updates:

Linacre Lines: Linacre Lines is out!

Treasurer: do bring your friends to the bar. Ball reached expected income!

OUSU: An emergency OUSU council meeting was called for the UUK strike, in hope of passing a motion to support the strike of University lecturers. Overall message to the students: if you’re not happy with the effects of the strike, tell your respective departments or Linacre.

Welfare: all Linacre students pidged a credit card-sized welfare card contain information regarding University-wide welfare services. Working towards having a welfare box in every Linacre building; currently liaising with head resident of all buildings to get there. Rape alarms are also available upon request.


Hustings: Treasurer Position- Isabel Al Dhahir.

Clubs and Societies/ Motions:

Linacre Men’s that Lifting Club:

Vote to approve and granting of £1200: 27 approve, 0 oppose, 3 abstain. Club approved and £1200 granted

Linacre already has a men’s lifting club but required to re-apply as requested by the gym manager. The motion is inspired by the existing Linacre Ladies that Lift Society and wanted to provide a similar environment for the men around Linacre who also want to lift.

  • Plans to apply for the same/similar amount of funding that the Linacre Ladies that Lift Society applies for. Money would be needed for the coach, which is £75 for 3 hours.
  • Interested CR members will have to pay a subscription fee.
  • Initially 1 session/ week but hoping this will increase if there is interest for it. Sessions most likely held in the evenings, so that it can be as inclusive as possible.
  • No current plans to open sessions to non-Linacre members.
  • Currently not enough money from the current Recreations Clubs and Society account to provide all the money that was requested in the motion. However enough from the surplus account, which will cover the society to run until the end of the academic year.


Zumba Society:

Various votes held:

  • Gym hire subsidised by the CR for potential non-Linacre members attending Zumba sessions: 0 approve, 18 oppose, 11 abstain. CR does not subsidise gym hire costs.
  • Approval to fund Zumba sessions for 2 classes a week until the end of the academic year: 32 approve, 0 oppose, 2 abstain. CR to fund the Zumba society till the end of the financial year.
  • Approval of Linacre Zumba Society and granting £890 to the Linacre Zumba Club: 27 approve, 1 oppose, 4 abstain. Zumba society approved and £890 granted.

Zumba sessions have been happening in the gym already, with clear interest from Linacre students. First session was free, with 22 people attending and approximately 90% were from Linacre. The next session, attending students had to pay a subsidised fee of £3 and numbers dropped. Hoping to become an official society around Linacre and continue providing Zumba classes, three times a week. Initial plans: classes to be open for Linacre and non-Linacre members, run classes during and outside term time. Attending Linacre and non-Linacre members pay £3 and £5 respectively per class attended.

  • Costs: £30 per class. Plus £75 for the gym hire per class, per week.  Proposer must pay monthly £40 fee to provide a licenced Zumba class, in addition to yearly £90 for insurance.
  • Classes to be open for Linacre members and non-Linacre members.
    • Handful of non-Linacre members attended classes that were previously held and consequently incurs the gym hire fee.
    • Attendance of non-Linacre members and consequent gym hire fee should not come from the CR budget. Concerns over the accumulative cost if sessions open to non-Linacre members. Accounting for the income from attending members (£45 per week) and the costs associated (transport, gym hire) would result in the net amount of £1590 to be required to keep the society running to the end of the financial year.
    • Vote: for the CR to subsidise the cost of gym hire.
    • Considerations to limit sessions to just Linacre members? Considerations to have 2 sessions per month rather 3?
    • Vote: reduce to having 2 classes per week vs. 3 as initially proposed.
  • Budget discussions: Alternatives have been discussed between treasurer and proposer:
    • The cost of Zumba, without a gym hire fee, would be ~ £35 per class.
    • Reduce classes from 3 to 2 per week and the CR will not cover the cost of gym hire. The cost of running Zumba till the end of the financial year to be £1490.
    • This makes the net cost for the CR, from now till the end of July 2018, £890. (Linacre members still paying £3 for attending classes and assuming this generates £600 in income.)
    • Suggested that any income raised by non-Linacre members attending should stay in the Zumba Society
    • Further discussions surrounding what is done with surplus income from clubs/societies could be tabled for later
    • Vote: approval of Zumba Society and allocation of £890.


Nintendo Switch:

Vote to buy items specified in the motion: 16 approve, 5 against, 8 abstain. We buy a Nintendo Switch.

Linacre College currently has a gaming console in the Small CR (X-Box One), which is not widely used. Motion to buy a Nintendo Switch which has more social games such as Mario Kart. It would cost £450 for the console, 4 controllers and Mario Kart game.

  • Could we sell the Xbox? Would have to be a separate motion that is proposed later.
  • Suggestions to buy a cheaper alternative which has similar functionality. The Switch was proposed as it is the newest console that would be likely to attract people who want to try something different. Also a new console would be less likely to break or require hard-to-find spares.
  • No allocated CR budget money to buy games which are expensive. Motions required if wanting to purchase something over £100.
  • Vote: to buy a Nintendo Switch.