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Linacre College Boat Club



The boat club comprises the waterborne might of the college, and represents Linacre at the major rowing competitions in Oxford and further afield. Made up of students from Linacre and Nuffield colleges, the club fields several boats and takes prospective coxes and rowers of all abilities, from experienced to complete novice. As one of the longest and most Oxford of sporting traditions, rowing has a hallowed place in college life, and no time at the university is complete without at least dipping an oar into the water. Beware, it can be addictive! The club emphasises social as well as professional development, and is a great way to make lasting friends while keeping fit.

2018-2019 LCBC Committee

President: Derek Xu (

Women's Captain: Florianne Verkroost (

Women's Vice Captain: Fijnanda van Klingeren (

Men's Captain: Matthias Haslberger (

Men's Vice Captain: Artur Doshchyn (

Captain of Coxes: Heather Dun (

Treasurer: Abigail Wilson (



1. Do I need any coxing or rowing experience to join LCBC?

Absolutely not! We welcome potential coxes and rowers of all levels, including absolute beginner. What matters most are dedication and commitment!

2. I'm interested in joining LCBC! What do I need to do to join?

Wonderful! Shoot your friendly captain an email so they can get you started with a few taster sessions on the ergs, tank, and boat. If you do decide to join after that, membership is £45/term for Linacre and Nuffield members, and there is a short swimming test that needs to be passed. This swim test is administered by OURCs, usually at the beginning of term, so if you're interested in joining do let us know as soon as possible!

3. What types of training and competitions does LCBC do?

Training largely consists of water outings, erg sessions, and land fitness (circuits, cardio, weights). The major University of Oxford regattas that LCBC participates in are Christ Church Regatta (for novices in Michaelmas term), Torpids (Hilary term), and Summer Eights (Trinity term). LCBC also sends boats to external regattas, such as Henley T&V, Oxford Royal Regatta, and Head of the River Race in London.

4. How much time commitment is LCBC?

Training can vary from almost every day to every 2-3 days, depending on which boat you're in. The goal is to steadily improve on fitness and technique, but at the same time we understand we're here for a degree!

5. What can I expect to get out of joining LCBC?

Great question :) you will get fantastic health benefits, beautiful scenery, personal development, unforgettable memories, lifelong friendships, and the list goes on!