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Linacre Football Club

Leading as Captain...

Outgoing captain Milton Barbosa da Silva recounts last season's experience...

Linacre Football Club is the outright manifestation of the vibrant and warm-hearted nature of our CR community. This year more than 30 enthusiastic members representing 20 nationalities gathered around the common aspiration of getting a promotion to the second division of the MCR league. This would be the first step in our journey back to first division, where the club used to be in its glorious days. The entire season was a celebration of companionship. Game after game team bonding increased both inside and outside the pitch.

Tremendous enthusiasm and union were at all times our most valuable asset and gave us the necessary strength to overcome difficulties. We finished the league in first and were undefeated champions! Now we will proceed to the second division with no doubt about our merit to be there. However, the integration of such a diverse community is perhaps the greatest of our achievements. This is the true spirit of Linacre!


20 Points, 8 Games, 35 Goals, countless Memories...

This summary from the Oxford University Football Club shows the team's 2014 - 2015 championship season run in the MCR Third Division.

Games Played: 8

Goals Scored: 35

Goals Conceded: 5

League Points: 20

Position: 1st

Result: As shown below...

More info can be seen at:


Taking on the Captaincy...

Roger Irwin tell us about his expectations for next season...

The upcoming football season is already proving one of the most hotly anticipated in Linacre FC’s long and illustrious history. With the possibility of back-to-back promotions on the table, we have high hopes of finishing next season having booked a place in the big time: the dizzying heights of MCR Division 1.

The footballing gods continue to smile on the Mighty Clams as many battle-hardened members of our league-winning squad are still around to take to the pitch next year. There will, as every year, be several lamentable losses to the team. As Linacre’s footballers exchange their yellow and black jerseys for the sub fusc of graduation they leave behind gaping holes in the team. And it will be up to our new intake of freshers to step into their boots!   

Next season will build on the great success of last year’s campaign. We move forward while always remembering Linacre’s established footballing philosophy – ‘The Yellow Way’ – that has made us so formidable in seasons past. These core principles, passed down by such titans of college football as Captains Richard Collins and Milton Barbosa, are summed up in the team motto: 'No end to scoring'.

I’m massively looking forward to the coming season. Football at Linacre has proved itself as the friendliest and most enjoyable way of spending your Saturday mornings at Oxford, and next year will be no exception. We’re planning a number of big events, including Linacre Football Tour 2016 where we travel to Cambridge to play a charity match against our sister college and arch-rivals Hughes Hall. We can also look forward to plenty of socials and quite possibly some training.


Football Friday's

The members of the team as well as wider Linacre family also get together for casual hockey-sized football games on Friday’s at the University Club (5mins away from Linacre) as a great way of building team comradery; not to mention keeping the skills as sharp as they need to be during off-season periods. There are also various tournaments and external games that pop up throughout the academic year to ensure a year round dose of dribbles, goals, passes and saves.


What's the team like? Good question...

Let's ask them about their reflections on the championship-winning season!!