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Linacre Green Society

Linacre College hosts a Green Society, which was initially developed to cultivate environmentally friendly outlook amongst students and has since evolved to further promote sustainable lifestyle choices. Our society aims to educate other students on the 3R's- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and to positively feedback to the environement. We aim to organise sustainability-oriented events, dicsussions and other activities throughout the year to raise awareness, be part of the change for a better planet!  

Whether your interest is the environment, sustainable living, gardening, or otherwise, all are welcomed to join! Come join us on the greener side of life!

 Please reach us at or contact with Green President in person.For more information check out our website:



 Melis Karabulutoglu- Green Student (Behavioural Change)            

 President of Green Society (2019/2020)



                                                                                                                 Green Society     

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