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Concerns & Feedback

Who Can You Contact to Raise a Concern or Give Feedback? 

Below is a list of contacts you can contact to share any concerns or feedback about a College issue. If you are not sure who to contact, you can email and you will be directed to the appropriate person. 

You can discuss any concerns to do with your studies or your life in College with: 

  • your College Advisor, a Linacre Fellow who will give you impartial advice about any problems you encounter. If you don’t remember who your College Advisor is, you can ask the Academic Office

  • Linacre Peer Supporter. Peer Supporters are students who have been trained to help other students think through issues and give them emotional support in a safe and confidential way 

  • the Linacre Common Room Welfare Officer, who is a point of contact for any member of College who is feeling in need of advice or support 

  • the Junior Dean, who, along with the team of Assistant Junior Deans, looks after College outside of working hours, and can give you confidential advice and support 

  • the Senior Tutor Jane Hoverd who monitors the welfare and academic progress of Linacre students, and welcomes contact from students and any feedback relating to any aspect of your time in College 

You can feedback on administrative matters to the Academic Registrar, Alison Franklin

If you have concerns regarding financial affairs:

• you can speak to the College’s Accounts Manager Marta Adamczyk 

• you can apply for hardship funding from the Linacre House Trust  

If you have concerns relating to a long-term physical or mental condition or disability that has an impact on your studies, you can talk to Jane Hoverd. 

If you would like to discuss issues to do with gender (women’s issues, men’s issues, LGBTQI issues) you can talk to the Dean for Equality and Diversity, Clara Barker 

If you concerns relate to bullying or harassment anywhere in the University, you can approach one of Linacre’s Harassment Advisors, or see the page on Harassment and bullying for additional University resources.   

If you would prefer to speak to someone outside of College, you can contact the University Student Welfare and Support Services.

Complaints and Academic Appeals 

If you have a complaint concerning the conduct of university exams or circumstances that affected the teaching or tutorial support on your course please first raise these concerns with the Senior Tutor.

If, following such a discussion, you have a complaint about procedures not being correctly followed during an exam, or you have reason to believe that your exam was not conducted fairly, you may make an academic appeal to the Proctors. Please refer to the Complaints and Appeals procedures in the University regulations. If you are a graduate research student you should also raise your concerns with your director of graduate studies.