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The purpose of this handbook is to provide basic information on how the College operates, particularly for new members. To ensure that it is as useful and comprehensive as possible, we welcome suggestions for its improvement.

Firstly, welcome to Linacre! We hope that your stay in Oxford will be fruitful and that your membership of the College will help you to gain maximum benefit from all that Oxford has to offer. As you will understand, the restrictions we are required to implement as a consequence of the current COVID-19 pandemic will mean that there will be a number of lifestyle changes as we welcome you and during this academic year. Whilst we cannot predict exactly what will happen over the coming months, College is here to support you and we will help you as much as we possibly can. Regular updates will be communicated.

Linacre College is an entirely post-graduate institution and deliberately seeks to enrol a very diverse student body. A friendly, informal atmosphere is a distinctive feature - coupled with a deserved reputation for good food! Fellows, students and staff are members of a single Common Room. The pattern of post-graduate work means that most students are in residence for most of the year.