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The purpose of this handbook is to provide basic information on how the College operates, particularly for new members. To ensure that it is as useful and comprehensive as possible, we welcome suggestions for its improvement.

Firstly, welcome to Linacre! We hope that your stay in Oxford will be fruitful and that your membership of the College will help you to gain maximum benefit from all that Oxford has to offer. 

Linacre College is an entirely post-graduate institution and deliberately seeks to enrol a very diverse student body. A friendly, informal atmosphere is a distinctive feature, coupled with a deserved reputation for good food! Fellows, students and staff are members of a single Common Room. The pattern of post-graduate work means that most students are in residence for the majority of the year.

For the academic year 2022/23, Linacre College will also be sharing some of its facilities temporarily with Reuben College whilst their permanent home undergoes refurbishment. Reuben is the University’s newest graduate college and Linacre’s close neighbour. 58 years ago, when Linacre was struggling to find its feet as a newly established graduate society, several colleges, most notably Wadham, stepped up to help out. We feel it is time to return the good deed. Reuben students will be able to access library, social, sporting, and dining facilities, but will have their own common room within Linacre. Reuben will run its own academic and social programme. We do not anticipate that the small additional number of Reuben students will significantly impact the availability of facilities.