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Common Room

Welcome to Linacre College Common Room (CR)! Here you will find all the information you will ever need regarding social life at Linacre. Unlike other Oxford colleges, Linacre does not segregate fellows, staff and students off from one another. Instead, all members of Linacre share the same common room in college and are all automatically also members of the Common Room, the decision making body that looks after all of our interests.

Common Room activities are managed by a group of students elected by members of the CR. Find a CR rep and get in touch, or just mail your friendly Common Room President directly.

The bar area is where most of our activity is based. It is an ideal place for socialising with tea, coffee or something stronger after meals, for re-integrating into human society after a long session in the library, for listening to tunes from the free juke box, for flicking through the large array of international and national newspapers and periodicals, or for exercising your glass-lifting arm at the dart-board. For an incomplete inventory of the CR's toy box, check the resources page.

In addition to managing the bustling bar area, TV room, and pool room, the Common Room holds regular meetings, organises the finest bops and parties in town, and facilitates other social events. External activities arranged in conjunction with the Common Room include sporting events, international dinners, information seminars and for those with families, events designed for children. For upcoming events, check the latest Term Card.

Help and Support
The Common Room is here to help its members. Check the welfare page for a list of services the CR offers, or get in touch with a member of the exec committee with any concerns about college life.