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CR Executive Team

President: James King

James is a DPhil student in the Geography department's Climate Lab, researching climate change in East Africa. His role is to represent members of the Common Room to the College authorities and the wider University. He also coordinates the work of the CR committee, supporting its members and ensuring that student representatives are in a position to make a difference to the Linacre experience. He's often found in the CR or the dining hall, and can be contacted with any questions at cr.president[]



Treasurer: Isabel Al-Dhahir

Isabel is in the first year of her DPhil in the Department of Materials working on photovoltaic engineering. As treasurer, Isabel is responsible for supervising the Common Room (CR) and recreational facilities budgets, creating comprehensive itemised reports on the expenditures and the revenue acquired through clubs, societies, events, etc within Linacre College. Many of the funds within the budget are open to discussion and debate, particularly at the weekly CR meetings, and students of Linacre are encouraged to come along and participate.  To get in touch, do not hesitate to contact Isabel at the following email address: cr.treasurer[]


Secretary: Talha Pirzada

Talha is reading for a DPhil in Aerospace materials, researching high temperature materials for jet engine applications. He is a chartered engineer who is fascinated by the concept of flight. As your secretary, he is responsible for preparing agendas for CR meetings and taking minutes. Please do drop him an email at cr.secretary[.-at.-] if you have any questions about any of the CR meetings or about the college by-laws.


Welfare and Equality Officer: Nehir Banaz

Nehir is a DPhil student in biochemistry, researching DNA mismatch repair mechanisms in bacteria (E.coli). Her core role as your Welfare and Equality Officer is to act as a point of advocacy for members of the Common Room on issues of equal opportunities and discrimination (such as disability, age, gender, sexuality, caring responsibilities, race, ethnicity, religion); organise accessible and inclusive events; and to support groups and campaigns to promote inclusion, representation, and celebration of diversity. She sits on college committees representing the student body and is always open to having a conversation on your welfare concerns and the type of events you would like to see. As part of her role as a peer supporter she’s trained to listen effectively and confidentially by the university counselling services. Please feel free to get in touch about issues that might be concerning you, and with your suggestions at cr.welfare[.-at.-] In addition, she provides information on health and welfare related issues and can direct you to various welfare resources available to Linacre students (more information available here).


Welfare and Equality Officer: Simphiwe Laura Stewart

Simphiwe is reading for a DPhil in Geography and the Environment, researching elections and voter behaviour across 11 democracies. She is a Swaziland citizen (by way of the United States and now the UK). As your welfare and equality officer, her role is to proactively identify welfare and equality needs, working in partnership with members of the Common Room to respond to, address or redirect these to the appropriate channels. If you have any suggestions, questions or concerns about Welfare and Equality in the Linacre CR please send an e-mail to cr.welfare[.-at.-]


Linacre Lines Editor: Claudia Dessanti

Linacre Lines is a termly newsletter produced by students and fellows at Linacre. As editor, my job is to encourage widespread participation in the production of content, which may include opinion pieces, stories, news, artwork, poetry, recipes, puzzles, and a lot more! Linacre Lines is our platform to express ourselves and showcase our creativity as a college. If you are interested in contributing in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me at lines[at] 


Sports and Recreation Secretary: Jaeyoung Lee

My role is to co-ordinate the various sports teams and societies available at Linacre. If you want to start a new club, or join an existing one, send me an email at[.-at.-], or catch me in the Common Room. I'm always looking for new ways to improve our sports and recreation facilities, so if you have any suggestions, or want to get more involved please let me know.




Social Secretaries: Poppy Brown, Edward (TJ) Mitchell, and Joseph Khazen

The Social Secretaries’ role is to make your time at Linacre a   memorable one. The position is held by three enthusiastic   Linacrites. Poppy is studying a DPhil in Psychiatry, researching   psychological treatments for psychosis using virtual reality. TJ is a  DPhil student in Inorganic Chemistry working on molecular   machines for anion sensing, and Joseph is reading for an MSc in   Medical Anthropology and is interested in the evolutionary explanation of disease.
Their job is to organize events for the whole of the Common Room body that can help balance the work burden with a vibrant social college life. They are the people who bring you our famous termly bops, which are among the largest student-run parties in the University, including our notorious and much envied matriculation bop, Sexy Sub Fusc . They are the link with other colleges’ MCRs and organize several exchange events every term to bring the graduate community closer on the University scale. Other social events, including movie nights, karaoke nights, and bar crawls, make Linacre a most welcoming place and the CR a close and comfortable group.
If you have any ideas of events that you are interested in or that you feel Linacrites should experience together, do get in touch with them at[.-at.-] To keep up to date with social events at Linacre and in the wider Oxford graduate community, join the Linacre CR Facebook page (link is external). Let the good times roll...


Charities Officer: Shamma Rattan

Shamma is a student of the Interdisciplinary Bioscience DTP, specialising in developmental biology.
As Charities Officer, her role involves organising the CR's charitable events, as well as fostering links between Linacre College and charitable organisations both locally and further afield.
Within this broader remit, she is responsible for: publicising student campaigns; publicising the services available to Linacre students from external student unions; managing student involvement in development initiatives (with the College Development Office); and generally representing Linacre regarding charitable activities.


If you would like to get involved in the charitable side of Linacre life, or have any ideas for how we could improve, please don't hesitate to get in touch at: cr.charities[.-at.-]


Environment Officer: Josh Dorrington

Josh is a graduate student on the Environmental Research DTP, with an interest in the chaotic variability of the atmosphere. As Environmental Officer he is responsible for encouraging and perpetuating sustainable practices within the college, and for arranging events relating to the environment and climate change. He also serves as the link between Linacre and the environmental campaigns of the Students' Union.

Linacre has fantastic green credentials, but there is always progress to be made, and Josh looks forward to getting plenty of students involved in a number of awareness and resource-reducing campaigns, including the previously very successful interhouse energy competition. If you would like to get involved in sustainability at the college or have any great ideas for events please get in contact at joshua.dorrington[.-at.-]

Publicity Officer: Kimberly Schoemaker 

Kimberly is an MPhil student in Social Anthropology. Kimberly' job as Publicity Officer is to keep Common Room members informed with events in college, as well as opportunities around the wider University. Keep your eyes peeled for her regular emails. Kimberly is also the Returning Officer, responsible for managing CR Executive Commitee elections. If you have something you would like circulated, email her at cr.publicity{.at.] 


OUSU Representative: Thomas Pak

Thomas is a student of the Interdisciplinary Bioscience DTP, specialising in mathematical biology. As the Oxford University Student Union (OUSU) officer, he is responsible for liaising between the Common Room and OUSU, representing the CR at OUSU meetings and keeping the CR up to date on OUSU activities. If you have any issues that you want put forward to OUSU or have any other OUSU-related questions, please get in touch at thomas.pak[.-at.-]

Non-Executive Student Representatives

  • Food Representative: vacant
  • Punt Admiral: Janet Lei (janet.lei[.-at-.]
  • International Representative: Mariel Tavakoli (mariel.tavakoli[.-at.-]
  • Bike Representative: Bailey Anderson (bailey.anderson[.-at.-]
  • LGBTQ Representative: Daniel Peach (daniel.peach[.-at.-]
  • CR Arts Coordinator: Oana-Maria Camburu (oana-maria.camburu[.-at.-]


College Appointments

  • Green Students (CR-College co-appointed):  Isadora Ferreira (isadora.ferreira[.-at.-]
  • Head Student Porter: Boipelo Tshwene-Mauchaza (boipelo.tshwene-mauchaza[.at.-] 
  • Gym Manager: Jill Boggs (gym[.-at.-]
  • Interim Bar Manager (CR-College co-appointed): Hannah Mosely (hannah.mosely[.-at.-]