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CR Executive Team

Simone MoriconiPresident: Simone Moriconi

Simone is a DPhil student in Engineering Science, aiming to develop a novel super-precision metrology technique to characterize in-situ synchrotron x-ray mirrors.He is part of the Solid Mechanics group in the Department of Engineering Science and the Optics and Metrology group at Diamond Light Source ltd,. His role as president is to represent the members of the Common Room to the College authorities, the University as a whole, and beyond. He also coordinates the work of the CR committee, supporting its members and ensuring that student representatives are in a position to embetter the Linacre experience. He can be contacted with any queries at


Yalun Sun

Treasurer: Yalun Sun

Yalun is a DPhil student in Materials, specialising in oxidation of metals and alloys. As treasurer, she will be responsible for maintaining and overseeing the accounts of CR. It is also her responsibility to watch over budgets for the clubs, societies and events organised within the college, and prepare relevant financial reports. All CR members are encouraged to discuss the allocation of funds during the CR meetings. She can be reached at


Valentin Darre

Secretary: Valentine Darre

Valentín is reading for a DPhil in archaeology. He is researching the migration patterns in prehistoric Spain to determine a timeline for Basque genetic isolation. As your secretary, he is responsible for preparing agendas for CR meetings and taking minutes. Please do drop him an email at if you have any questions about any of the CR meetings or about the college by-laws.


Welfare and Equality Officer: Zuzana Cocuľová and Gerardo Montalvo

GerardoGerardo and Zuzana are the Common Room’s Welfare and Equalities Officers. Zuzana is a DPhil student in Biophysics, focusing on functional study of molecular motor ATP synthase. Gerardo, also a DPhil student, works in Clinical Medicine specialising in the development of vaccines against viral tropical diseases.

As welfare officers and a peer supporters, they are always happy to discuss your concerns in confidentiality and guide you to resources and services that may be useful for you. Together, they plan different events with the aim of creating safe spaces to relax in a friendly, inclusive and supportive environment. If you have a suggestion, need help, or just want to talk to someone, please do not hesitate to drop her an email at


Linacre Lines Editor:  Danielle Perro

Danielle Perro

Danielle is a second - year DPhil student in Women's and Reproductive Health. As an avid science communicator, Danie lle understands the importance of sharing stories, and the immense value in the unique ways by which people tell them. As Editor of Linacre Lines, Linacre's termly college magazine, Danielle's responsibility is to encourage and collect contributions from t he Linacre community to showcase what constitutes Linacre Life and its members. While content will vary depending on the issue, reflections, reviews, stories, debates, artwork, and any other form of communication you want to explore are encouraged and welc omed! Danielle is open to all ideas, suggestions, and questions, so please get in touch via email . She can't wait to chat!


Sports and Recreation Secretary: Felipe Igea 

Felipe is a first year DPhil student in Engineering Science, focusing on using an integrated approach to evaluate mechanical failures using non-operational data. As your Sports and Recreation Secretary, his role is to co-ordinate with the various sports teams and societies at Linacre. He’s very enthusiastic about improving Linacre’s sports and recreation facilities and loves hearing new ideas and suggestions on how to work together to do so. If you are interested in starting a new society or joining an existing one, this can be discussed via email at


Social Secretaries: George Booth, Georgia Price and Chloe Cassaro​ 

George Georgia Chlooe

The Social Secretaries’ role is to make your time at Linacre a memorable one. The position is held by three enthusiastic Linacrites - George, Georgia and Chloé (GGC)! George is a second year SABS DPhil student based at the Mathematical Institute developing novel electrospun hollow fibre membrane bioreactors for applications in tissue engineering. Georgia is a second year DPhil student based at MRC Harwell in Dr Tom Cunningham’s lab, studying the genetics of neurodegeneration with a focus on models of motor neurone disease. Chloé is a second year DPhil student in Interdisciplinary Biosciences, working on bacterial response to stress using fancy microscopy techniques. Their job is to organise the social life in college, to make your time at Linacre a sociable and memorable one and help balance your work burden with a vibrant social college life. In the absence of a global pandemic, they are the people who bring you our famous termly bops, which are among the largest student-run parties throughout the University, including our notorious and much envied Matriculation Bop, Sexy Sub Fusc. They are the link with other colleges’ MCRs and organise several exchange events every term to bring the graduate community from across the University closer. Although the majority of events are now online, we still have plenty planned for the year including movie nights, pub quizzes and competitions with real cash prizes! If you have any ideas for events that you would like to see, get in touch at To keep up to date with social events at Linacre and the wider Oxford graduate community, join the Linacre CR Facebook page! We look forward to seeing you soon!


Charities Officer: Tatenda Magetsi 

Tatenda Magetsi

Tatenda is a cu rrent MSc African Studies student and a Master of Public Policy candidate (2020 - 2021). He is a Rhodes Scholar and the Oxford - Linacre African Scholar as well as a member of the Linacre Africa Network. Tatenda desires to live a life that benefits the next pe rson, hence his motivation to take up this role. His major roles entail organising the CR's charitable activities and strengthening the links between Linacre College and charitable organisations both locally and wide of Oxford. He is also responsible for p ublicising campaigns run by students on development matters; communicating to the CR members about any services available to students from external students unions; liaising with the College Development Office regarding student involvement in development i nitiatives and attending the meetings of The Tertiary Education Scholarship Trust for Africa and communicating activities and updates between the Trustees and Common Room. During his tenure, he desires to embark on an inclusive model of resource mobilisation for our charitable work through working closely with Linacre College student on initiatives they propose. If you would like to get involved in the charitable side of Linacre life or have any ideas for how we could improve, please don't hesitate to get i n touch at 

Environment Officer: Laura Martin and Louis Mahon

Laura MartinHi, I'm Laura, I'm a first - year DPhil in Chemical Engineering looking into making sustainable, biobased plastic alternatives and I'm a CR Environment Rep. I am passionate about the environment in both my academic and personal life and hope to give back to the Linacre community whilst also having a wider positive impact on the environment. While I have some ideas how we as a college can improve our environmental credentials, I'm very open to suggestions and opinions from the college community on what we're doing well and how we could do better! Feel free to contact me with any environment - related thoughts or ideas:


Enviro officerI’m Louis Mahon, a Computer Science DPhil, and serving as Environment Officer. I believe the environmental emergency is the great challenge of today, and our generation will be remembered for how we respond. What is required is not just scientific or engineering solutions, but also an overcoming of the differences that could divide the movement. In this battle, for the first time in human history, we are all on the same side. Linacre’s green reputation was the reason I selected the college, both for MSc and DPhil, and I am honoured to take a leading role in our environmental community. For anything environment-related, please contact me at


Publicity Officer: Alice TurnerAlice Turner

Alice is a DPhil student in the Earth Sciences department. She researches the cause of moonquakes (earthquakes on t he moon). As your publicity officer, she is responsible for ensuring you're up to date with all goings - on within the college and as your returning officer, for ensuring that you elect your CR Exec in a democratic manner. Please feel free to get in touch at !






Oxford SU Representative: Sameer Rashid Bhat

Sameer is a Rhodes Scholar from Kashmir (India) reading for the Master of Public Policy (MPP) at the Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford. As the Oxford University Student Union (Oxford SU) Officer, he is responsible for liaising between the Common Room and Oxford SU, representing the CR at Oxford SU meetings and keeping the CR up to date on Oxford SU activities. If you have any issues that you want put forward to Oxford SU or have any other Oxford SU-related questions, please get in touch at



Non-Executive Student Representatives


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