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Facilities and Resources

The Common Room provides a number of useful resources for its members. Information about these resources and details on how to access them are supplied here.


The Bar opening times are as follows:

  • Sat and Sun: 19:00 to 23:00
  • Mon to Fri: 12:00 to 14:00 and 18:00 to 23:00

It offers competitive prices to Linacre students. A wide range of fair trade produce is available. The cost is subsidised by College.

If you are interested in working at the bar, please contact the bar manager at


Linacre common room owns an industrial-scale gas barbecue. Common room members who wish to use the barbecue should contact the CR President

Please note that the BBQ should not be used on any paved areas within college grounds. On the grass is fine, however, please check with Aiga Dombrovska (housekeeper), Reception or the Social Secretaries to make sure no other function is taking place in College, which will clash with your planned BBQ.

Useful Tip: The BBQ is very difficult to clean. When you are planning your BBQ, allow about one hour for this cumbersome chore.

Bicycle Maintenance Equipment

[The Current Bike Rep is Vacant. If you would like to run for the position, please contact CR President.


The Common Room owns a set of bicycle maintenance equipment. It includes tools, pumps and puncture repair kits. To access the equipment, you must sign out a set of keys from the porter's lodge.

If you encounter any problems (for example, missing or broken equipment) or have any suggestions as to how the setup can be improved, please contact the student Bike Representative

Useful tip: Amongst the keys you will find a metal fob that can be used to override the motion sensitive lighting in the bicycle store.

Bicycle Rental Scheme (Free)

[Please Be Aware That the Bike Scheme is Currently Suspended. DO NOT make any bookings] 

The CR provides bicycles that students and staff can rent for free. You can book a bike via a self-reservation system and you will then be able to sign out keys and lights at the lodge. The bikes are kept in a designated spot in the bike shed on the main college site.

Please be respectful of your fellow college members and don't hold a bike for a disproportionate period of time. 

Reservations can be made here:


The CR owns a Camera that is looked after by Linacre Photo Soc. The camera is Canon 60D. 

The current lenses we have are Tamron AF18-270mm VC PZD Zoom Lens, CANON - EF 50mm f/2.5 Macro Lens and Canon EF-S 24mm f/2.8 Lens. 

The CR also owns a tripod, a 32-GB SD card and a 565EX ETTL Speedlite Flash for Canon to use with the camera if needed. 

To book the camera or other photo equipment, please contact

Darts Board

There is a darts board at the back of the common room. Darts are kept in a box near the oche

Useful tip: If you are interested in participating in a darts tournament, please contact our Sports Officer.


Linacre College certainly has one of the finest gym facilities in Oxford. It is necessary to register with the gym manager and attend an induction session before using the gym.

The Gym Manager can be contacted via email. 

The gym is unsupervised and is open 24 hours. During term time, priority is granted to parties who have booked the gym in advance.

The Precor (running machine) and ergs (rowing machines) may be booked in advance using a computer-based system located in the gym.

Useful tip: For some serious vibes, you can connect your digital music player to the stereo in the gym using the supplied red cable.


There is a free jukebox in the Common Room. Volume controls are located behind the bar - ask the bartender.

Magazines, Newspapers and Journals

The Common Room currently has subscriptions for a selection of newspapers, magazines and journals. A concerted effort has been made to provide publications from various countries and areas of interest, catering to Linacre's diverse student population.

To access the New York Times:

Visit   Create a free account using your school email address with the approved domain.  If you already have a account associated with such email address, log in with those credentials.
Check your email inbox for a confirmation message.  Click on the link in your confirmation message to validate your email address and claim your Pass.  If the confirmation email didn’t arrive, check your spam folder. If it isn’t there, send an email to from your school email address to request confirmation.
You have successfully claimed a Pass when you see the Start Your Access screen.  Now you can enjoy access to, and NYT mobile apps from any location, on or off campus, just by logging into your account. You may download NYTimes mobile apps at
To access Financial Times, The Economist, and Wall Street Journal our University has already bought access to those, together with Balkan Insight and Harvard Business Review. Please visit for more details.

Please direct any questions to the Common Room Secretary.


The College Development Office runs a mentoring programme aimed at current students and recent graduates. It puts Old Members and students in touch with each other for informal advice about careers and professional life.

Sign up here

Music Practice Room

There is a Music Practice Room in the basement of the Abraham Building with a new Yamaha piano. One hour booking slots can be made and keys collected from Reception.

Use of the instruments can be booked using the following link.

The Music room is open between 9:00am – 9:00pm Monday to Friday.

Oriel Sports Facility

Linacre members have free access to the Oriel sports field on Cowley Road. Gain access by asking the Linacre porter's lodge for the key.

If using the squash courts, make sure to call ahead to the Oriel porter's lodge to reserve them.

Pool Table

The Common Room owns a new pool table for use by its members. Everything you need to play will be supplied at no cost.

The pool table is currently in the pool room near the Tanner Room

Projector and Speakers

The CR has a ceiling-mounted projector and linked audio-system. You can connect your laptop to it via VGA or HDMI cables through the ports near the jukebox.

There are usually film screenings there on Sunday nights during term time and every other Sunday out of term. Contact the CR if you would like to organise one.


The Common Room owns two punts! They are stored at Wolfson College.

Before using a punt, a registration fee of £15 is applicable. This is excellent value for money since it entitles you to use the punts throughout the entire punting season (25th April to 30th September 2022).

You buy a punt card at the front desk Porter's Lodge during business hours on weekdays. Once you have a punt card, you can contact the Porter in order to reserve it in blocks of time.

For further information, please consult the punt regulations. 

If you have any questions, you can contact the Linacre Admiral of the Punt (what a prestigious title!).

Useful tip: Some information regarding effective punting technique can be viewed here

Rosenblatt Swimming Pool

Through the CR, Linacre students have free membership to the Rosenblatt Pool at the Oxford University Sport facilities on Iffley Road.

The 25 m pool has eight lanes, designated for different speeds (fast, medium, slow). 

Gain immediate access by showing your Bod card at reception and filling out a few forms.

There is a locker room with showers by the pool.

Sewing Machine

Linacre owns a Jenome JP720 sewing machine that is available forLinacre members to borrow. The maximum loan period is two weeks. You can book ahead to ensure you are able to use the machine during the time period you need it.

Anyone wishing to use the Sewing Machine must sign the Terms and Conditions form.

The Sewing Machine may be signed out at the Porter's Lodge. You will be given a key to the cupboard in the Pool Room where the Sewing Machine is stored.

The sewing machine is currently looked after by Beate Dirks. You can email to get in contact. 

Useful info: The Sewing Machine has 20 different stitch patterns, variable speed control (so you can set it on slow for tricky work and fast for straight seams), built in needle threader, one step button-hole function, automatic lock stitching as well as various accessories for quilting. Also in the cupboard you will find a sewing kit which contains thread, sissors and other notions for your use. If you use up a spool of thread, please replace it as a courtesy to the next person who uses the kit.

Small Common Room Booking

It is possible to book out the Small Common Room for personal events. This is a self-reservation system so please be respectful of your fellow college members, and don't block book the room, or hold it for a disproportionate period of time.

Reservations can be made through the link below:

Tea and Coffee

The pool room has a bean to cup coffee machine and a kettle.

The facility provides premium quality coffees, and world-class teas and herbal infusion from Fortnum and Mason. Drinks range from 60-95p, and paper cups are available if needed.

You can pay either with cash in the honesty box or via battels by logging your order via the online form (link can be found by the machine) or writing down your name and the amount due.

There is usually also milk stocked in the pool room fridge. 

Toys for Children and Board Games

The Common Room owns a range of toys and books for children. These are accessed using a key provided at the porter's lodge.

The toys are maintained by the Common Room Welfare Representative ( who will be very willing to discuss how the Common Room can further provide for children at Linacre.

A selection of board games is available. These are also accessed using a key provided at the porter's lodge.

Veg Box Scheme

Local and organic vegetables, fruit, dairy, meat and bread delivered to College. Order at by midnight on Tuesdays and state Linacre College as your delivery address.

Deliveries are on Friday afternoons straight to the cupboard in the bike shed.

Email Zun, our food representative when you first order to receive the code to open the cupboard. Zun can also answer any other questions. 

Enjoy your healthy and environmentally friendly life at Linacre!

Widescreen Television

The Small Common Room owns a smart 55 inch 4K TV. In addition, there is a DVD player and a Sky Digital box. More information here. 

Useful tip: There is no formal system for reserving the television, but you can book the small CR using the online diary - link available in the description of Linacre Common Room Facebook Group and the Freshers' Guide.

You can book the TV (not the Small CR per se) by using the link that you can find in Linacre CR Facebook Group Description. 

Xbox One S & Nintendo Switch

There’s an Xbox One S console in the Small Common Room, as well as a Nintendo Switch.

There is a variety of games: FIFA 17, Rocket League, Mortal Combat, Just Dance, Mario Kart 8, Snippers Clip Plus, Legend of Zelda. 

Keys for the cabinet can be found at Reception, so please enjoy the facility and put things back into the cabinet before returning the key to the Reception.