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College Dining Hall

Old Members visiting Oxford are welcome to eat in the Dining Hall at lunch or dinner times. The Dining Hall is usually open for lunch (12.15 - 1.30 pm) and dinner (6.45 - 7.30 pm), Monday through Friday, apart from holiday closure periods. Meals are not served at weekends, and dinner times may be changed because of special evening events. Payment may be made by card only. Meals are charged at the non-student (unsubsidised) rate.

Meal Charges 2018-19

Guest Night Dinners

Linacre holds guest night dinners on Tuesdays and Thursdays during term. Old Members are welcome to book on to these once per term, and should contact the Development Office to secure their place. Pre-payment for these meals is necessary and cancellations cannot be accepted within less than five working days before the dinner. Old Members are not required to wear gowns. One guest may be brought to any of the dinners mentioned below.

Tuesday (informal) Guest Night (Weeks 1, 3, 5 & 7)

This is open to all members once a term. Dinner, called at 7.15, is held in the Small Dining Room, which seats 22. Those attending can meet beforehand in the Common Room for drinks. Wine is provided with the meal and charged for additionally to the cost of the meal.  See current prices and a link to menus for Tuesday Guest Nights here.

Thursday Guest Night (every week except Week 1, in term time)

College Tables

Old Members may book places on the ordinary College table for one dinner per term. Diners can meet in the Common Room beforehand. Wine is not provided on the Colleges tables but may be purchased from the Common Room bar, or diners may supply their own. Dinner is called at 7.30.

Senior Table

Senior Table is reserved for members of Congregation (of Oxford University). Pre-dinner drinks for Senior Table are served in the Nadel Room from 7.00 pm. Please note that these, and wine served with dinner, will be an additional charge.


This is open to all attending formal dinner (College or Senior tables) on that day. A special signing-up list is posted and a seating plan is made. Dessert is served in the Small Dining Room, and guests are seated away from hosts in order for all to mingle. Numbers are limited. The standard charge for dessert includes sweet wines, port, fruit, chocolates and coffee.

See current prices and a link to menus for Thursday Guest Night here.