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Welcome to the Linacre IT pages. The IT Office is located at the top of the OC Tanner building and is usually open 08:30 - 16:00 Monday to Friday.  The best way to contact us is by emailing

Click the following link for a quick guide on Activating your Single Sign On account & Activating/connecting to Eduroam Wifi.

How can I get online using a cable?

If you are a Linacre member, or are staying in Linacre accomodation you can register for wired Ethernet access in your room or in the College Library.  

If you are staying in Linacre accommodation, you will have signed a form that includes an agreement to comply with the terms of use. To get online you just need to email giving your Ethernet MAC address, and confirming the following:

* You have passwords set for all user accounts on your computer
* Your Operating System is properly licenced and you keep it up-to-date with security patches.
* You are running a current and up-to-date anti-virus package if using Windows.
* You have read and understand the University and College regulations for network usage.

Also let us know your intended leaving date so you can be registered accordingly.

No devices other than PCs/laptops are allowed connection to the Linacre network without written authorisation from the IT Manager.

Alternatively you can visit the IT Office at the top of the OC Tanner building.

If you are not staying in Linacre accommodation,  you also need to given written confirmation (email is fine) that you have passwords set for all accounts on the computer, keep up-to-date with Operating System updates(Windows Update etc) and are running current anti-virus software if running Windows.  Also that you agree to be bound by the University regulations.

Contact if you have any queries.  Forms can be scanned and emailed or dropped at Reception or the IT Office.

How can I get wireless access?

Linacre provides the University wireless network services throughout all Linacre sites and accommodation.

The Eduroam service can also be used at participating establishments globally.  Details of how to set it up can be found here.

The OWL network can be used with the Cisco VPN client. Details can be found here.

Remember that the usual University rules apply when using wireless. Ensure p2p and other unauthorised applications are removed or disabled before connecting.  

Contact if you are unsure.

How can I get my email working with Outlook/my favourite mail program?

Instructions can be found here in the client setup section.

What happens when I leave?

All University accounts are linked to your card expiry date. When your card expires, access will stop automatically to Nexus email, Single Sign On, Remote Access etc.

Because Linacre integrates with University accounts wherever possible, this means you will also no longer be able to access Library computers or OWL/eduroam wireless services.

We will gladly provide you with extended access, but you must request it from 

The IT Services pages on when you leave are here.

How do I print?

Printing Charges

Printing is available from Library computers and is charged at the following rates:

  • 5p for an A4 black and white or colour sheet

Printing costs are billed to battels. They do incur VAT which is a purchase tax imposed by the UK government and not something the College has a choice about charging. Students who are in arrears and have had their Linacre card withdrawn will also be barred from printing.

Printing from your own computer

You can now print from your own computer to several of the College printers. We use a system called Papercut and you submit prints via a webpage. The system supports Single-Sign-On, once logged in users can choose the Web Print option and choose Submit a Job in order to print. 

The PaperCut system can be accessed here. If you need assistance with Web Print or any of its features please contact sends e-mail).

How do I use the College PCs in the Library and Study Areas?

There are computers in the OC Tanner study area and Abraham study areas which can be used without booking. There are also dedicated printing & scanning computers which are only to be used for that purpose. 

You will log into the study area computers with your SSO. If you can't login, please contact

You can print to the College printers once logged in and will be charged on Battels at the end of that month.

What are the rules?


IT Regulations

Oxford University Computing Regulations

The Oxford University regulations(link is external) describes the boundaries within which you can use the university network.  The University IT Services(link is external)  site also has lots of other useful computing Information, and is worth a look.

Regulations at College Level

No routers, WiFi points or devices allowing network sharing are to be connected to the College network. Ethernet access is permitted for laptops and PCs with an Ethernet adaptor for use on that device only.

Apart from the foregoing and preceding rules, there are not any specific College regulations on Computing but all College members are required to sign an agreement when they join to abide by the University's Rules and Regulations on Computing. You should also pay special attention to the ICTC regulations(link is external), which are used by a number of Colleges.

Linacre College recognises its duty, including that placed on it under PREVENT regulations, to prohibit users from using its IT resources for unlawful activity. Users of Linacre College IT systems are required to abide by all applicable laws and by University IT policies as a strict condition of use.

If you have any specific queries in relation to these regulations, please contact