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4.4 Fees: Tuition and Others

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A collegiate university like Oxford necessitates a two-part fee: a University (‘Composition’) fee, and a College fee.  Both are paid to the College and will be billed by the College to the body or individual responsible for paying those fees, normally annually.  Liability for University fees and full College fees go hand in hand in all cases; for each term in which a University fee is due the College fee is also due, whether or not the student is in Residence.  Fee billing is always separate from the personal (‘battels’) account.  You should ensure that the Accounts Manager is aware of your fee paying body before arrival.  A schedule of fees is produced annually (usually in June) by the College.  For full details of University fee liability etc. see the current copy of Examination Regulations, which is available on the University’s website electronically.

At the end of the statutory number of terms for which full fees are required a student who is still on course will be designated a Continuing Student.  Such students, whether in residence or not, will be liable for a College continuation charge (currently £113.75) and a University continuation charge (currently £468), each term until submission of their thesis. This will entitle the member to full College facilities and to continue to use dining facilities at the subsidised, student rate. Please note that unless we are advised in writing that your grant authority will pay these charges, you will be personally responsible for payment and each of these charges will be levied on your personal account.

For those paying fees from their own funds and starting their course in Michaelmas Term, payment in full for the year should be made by 1st October. Please note that students will not be allowed to matriculate unless fees have been paid. Any proposed deviation from this should be discussed with the Accounts Manager. Withdrawal during any Term may involve the retention by the College of a portion of the Term's College fee.

In cases of serious default of payment the College reserves the right to refuse to endorse University forms until the debt is cleared.  The College considers any debt which has remained unpaid for more than 3 months to be a serious default. You will be warned via your College battels bill if you are seriously in default and you will always be given ample opportunity to clear your debts before College takes such action. Any student with a potential problem in this respect is strongly advised to consult the Accounts Manager as well as to seek the advice of his/her College Advisor.