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9.2 IT

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Further information about IT facilities can be found on the website here.  All students are bound by University and College Regulations on computing use and should make themselves aware of what these regulations do and do not allow.  Breaking the rules for network usage may lead to disconnection from the network as well as disciplinary action.

Note the College's Social Media Policy.  Linacre values and protects freedom of expression; at the same time, the College does not tolerate posts that are offensive or derogatory relating to sex, gender reassignment, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion/belief or age, and nor does it tolerate posts that are meant to hurt, offend or denigrate an individual or are illegal under British law.

All members with a Linacre affiliation on their University card are entitled to an email account and address of the form firstname.lastname  This account should be created automatically when your card is issued and activation details sent to you. If you have any queries regarding email please contact or 01865 271659.

Linacre College has a bank of modern computers for members to use in the Library, currently running Windows 7.  There are also colour and mono laser printing as well as scanning facilities.  Printing is charged at 4p per page and 6p for a double-sided sheet (exclusive of VAT).  In addition there are network ports available for personally owned computers to be connected to the Linacre network.  When logged on to College owned computers, members have access to their own personal network drive (U:) where academic related material can be safely stored.

Details of how to connect personal computers to the Linacre wired network can be found here.  Alternatively you can email or telephone the IT Office on 01865 271659.

Wireless access is provided via the University OWL and Eduroam services in all areas.  See the University IT Sevices pages here.  Visitor accounts can be created for academic visitors or Old Members by prior arrangement with the IT Office.

Any queries regarding IT should be directed to the IT Office.  The IT Manager, Ross Wackett can be contacted via  or (01865)271 659. General  support enquiries should be sent to