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4.1 Personal Accounts: Battels

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A credit system operates for all current College members, and rents, meal, bar and other charges are billed monthly. Accounts are computerised. Every member should be issued on arrival with a University Card, which is an identification card,  a library card, a College charge card and which gives access to College security doors. This will be ready for collection from the College Secretary at enrolment, as long as you have returned the card application form to the University. If you lose your card, this fact should be reported to the College Secretary who will obtain a replacement. A charge may be made for the replacement of lost cards.

Bills must be settled by the end of the month during which they are received. Any request to deviate seriously from this timing should be discussed with the Accounts Manager before the end of the month in question.   Failure to make satisfactory arrangements could lead to the embarrassment of invalidation of a member's card.  Any queries about billing should be raised as soon as possible with the Bursary.  Receipts are automatically given for cash payments of more than £10 and will be given on request for smaller sums.   Bounced cheques are subject to an administrative surcharge (currently £10).  Any unpaid debts over 3 months old may be reported to the Governing Body.

Although only the total charge for meals will be shown on the monthly bill, the costs of each individual meal are held on the computer and further details are available on request to the Accounts Manager.