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Hardship Funding

If you are an enrolled student at Linacre and are experiencing unexpected financial difficulties, you can apply for hardship funding from the Linacre House Trust.


Before making an application, please ensure that you:

  • Are currently enrolled at Linacre, and have not suspended your studies.
  • Are experiencing genuinely unanticipated financial hardship.
    • This means that you could not have reasonably predicted this hardship when you applied to your course or were offered a place at Linacre.
    • This hardship can result from unexpected expenditure (including delays to your studies) or a loss of funding. 
  • Have completed at least a third of your course’s standard length.
    • This is because you are expected to have made appropriate financial arrangements before arriving at the University.
    • If you are still in the first third of your course, please get in touch with the Academic Office, as we may be able to offer advice and support.

To apply for hardship funding from Linacre, please complete the grants & funding application form. Please note that the grants committee only considers fully completed applications, including all necessary evidence.

Applications are considered on a rolling basis, so there is no deadline for applications. Please note that it can take up to two weeks to consider your application; if you need your application to be considered more quickly, please contact the Academic Administrator.


Depending on the causes of the hardship you are experiencing, you may be required to provide specific forms of evidence:

  • Loss of funding:
    • Evidence of the funding you had previously been receiving and why it is no longer available, demonstrating that you could not have expected to lose this funding when you started your course.
  • Delays in completing your studies:
    • A statement from your supervisor confirming that your studies were delayed due to factors outside of your control and/or evidence of the delays to your studies.
    • Evidence of financial hardship arising from these delays, for example because a funding source is no longer available.
  • Unexpected expenses:
    • Evidence for why these expenses are or were necessary for your welfare and ability to complete your studies. Some categories of expenditure require specific documents:
      • Expenses related to your health and wellbeing:
        • Evidence from a healthcare professional such as your GP, confirming that the relevant referral or treatment was necessary and was not available through free services.
      • Costs of equipment for studying:
        • A statement from your tutor or supervisor confirming that this equipment is necessary for your studies.
        • Where you are replacing equipment which broke, evidence that you took reasonable steps to repair it.
      • Increases in the cost of normal or expected expenses:
        • Evidence of this increased cost, such as documents informing you of the change or receipts from before and after the increase.
    • Evidence of financial hardship you are experiencing as a result of these expenses – unusual or unexpected costs do not in themselves constitute hardship.   

If you are unsure of what evidence you need to provide, please get in touch with the Academic Administrator. If you do not provide sufficient evidence when you make your application, we will get in touch detailing the additional documentation we require.


Funding is allocated by the Linacre House Trust grants committee, who assess applications on a case-by-case basis and do not follow any strictly defined criteria when determining whether to offer financial support.

Decisions are principally made based on need, regardless of the reasons it has arisen. However, low priority is given to applications for unexpected costs which do not have to do with your wellbeing or ability to study. 

There is no maximum amount of hardship funding that you can receive over your course, but your application will receive lower priority if you have already received financial support from the College, unless there has been a significant change in your circumstances since your previous application. 

It is not possible to confirm the outcome of your application prior to its being submitted and considered by the grants committee.

There is no formal appeals process for Linacre’s hardship funding, but if you feel that there is new material information which could impact the grants committee’s decision or that your application was treated unfairly, please contact the Academic Administrator in the first instance.


Grants are typically limited to £500, but in exceptional circumstances can be up to £1,000. 

An award, or part of an award, may be made as part of a loan, and the grants committee is free to determine the amount and type of any financial support that is provided.