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Linacre Lectures

The Linacre Lectures are a high-profile public lecture series rooted in an ethos of interdisciplinary research. Linacre, known for its interdisciplinary focus, has hosted this event since 1991 and leading academics from around the world have been invited to share research with the College and wider University community.

The series is organised and led by small groups of Linacre Fellows from different departments of the University. Every series consists of four lectures which are delivered over the course of one Oxford term.

Previous Linacre Lecture themes have included:

·         ‘Disease and Environmental Change’

·         ‘Climate Governance Beyond the Nation State’: how business, the arts, and cities are responding to climate change

·         ‘The Unmaking of the English Landscape’

·         ‘Managing Water Resources, Past and Present’

·         ‘Globalization, Globalism, Environments, and Environmentalism’

·         ‘The Peopling of Britain’: The Shaping of a Human Landscape

·         ‘Managing the Earth’

·         ‘Culture, Landscape and the Environment’

·         ‘Environments and Historic Change’

Many of the Linacre Lectures have been gathered into edited volumes published by the Oxford University Press and these titles include: Environments and Historical Change edited by Paul Slack; Globalisation, Globalism, Environments, and Environmentalism edited by Steven Vertovec and Darrell A. Posey and Managing the Earth Edited by James C. Briden and Thomas E. Downing

In 2024, the lectures will relaunch with an exciting series entitled ‘Uncovering Women’s History’ led by Dr Kristine Dyrmann, Dr Lena Vosding and Dr Trine Hass.