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Money Issues & Funding


Financial Difficulty

Normally, students are expected to be able to cover their expenses during their course at Oxford, either from their own funds or from a funding body. However, if you experience unexpected financial difficulty that was not foreseeable at the beginning of your course, Linacre and the University may be able to help you with a grant or a loan. See the Funding page for more information about College Hardship funds.

You may also be able to apply to the University's Oxford Hardship Fund, but you must have already made an application to College hardship funds before doing this. You can contact the Academic Administrator for more information.

If you are having trouble paying your battels or fees then you can speak to the Accounts Manager who can advise you further.

Grants and Bursaries

The Linacre House Trust also has a limited amount of funding available for students who are:

  • presenting a paper or poster at a conference
  • pursuing a course at the University Language Centre that is directly relevant to their academic course
  • pursuing fieldwork in the area of social deprivation
  • engaged in University level sporting or non-sporting activities
  • in the final stages of writing up their DPhil thesis

You can find details of all of the Linacre funds on the Funding page. All applications are considered on a rolling basis (with the exception of the Extra-Curricular Activities Fund which only takes applications at the beginning of Hilary term). Students should allow two weeks for applications to be processed, but in many cases it is much quicker.


Linacre has a number of Scholarships available to students in various subject areas and you can find out more on our Scholarships page. Most scholarships are awarded to new students and all eligible students are automatically considered. A few partial scholarships are awarded by college and the application process for these is noted on the individual scholarship pages.