The Linacre Green Society have been working with the Kitchen team on implementing a traffic light system for College meals that indicates their relative carbon efficiency. 

All items on the Linacre Kitchen menus will now be coloured as either red, yellow, or green, with these colours corresponding to how ‘green’ they are to make. 

Although not an exact science, the aim of the project is to highlight average carbon costs of key ingredients in Linacre meals in order to raise awareness and support our members to make environmentally responsible dietary choices.

Whilst the exact CO2 emissions of each have not been calculated, the classification of each meal is based on its highest emitting ingredient; so for example, a red-meat based dish will be coded as red. Transport emissions have not been included. 

We hope to implement more energy-awareness initiatives over the coming months to add to our green commitments. Thank you to all those involved in this project!