On 28 July, in their age/bodyweight categories, Linacre Ladies that Lift from five Colleges took four golds, two silvers and a bronze for their totals in the three-lift National Full Power Championships of the British Drug Free Powerlifting Association. These seven women have qualified for the World Drug Free Powerlifting Federation Full Power Championships in Glasgow in early November. Two other Linacre Ladies posted good lifts for the three elements of the event (squat, bench press and deadlift), and performed well in a competitive field.

The Linacre Ladies that Lift is a powerlifting club that welcomes Oxford University women of all ages, cis and trans, and people with a complex identify that includes ‘woman’. Linacre members have priority for training places each week, with other University women offered the remaining places.  Some of us lift for fitness, some to strengthen us for other sports, and some to make us more independent with regard to our disabilities.