Linacre Continuing Member, Dr Sarah Rosenberg-Jansen, is lead author of a new UN report, formed around her research with Oxford Refugee Studies Centre, ‘State of the Humanitarian Energy Sector 2022 (SOHES)’.

This first-of-its-kind publication explores the major challenges, progress, and issues associated with humanitarian energy and climate action in displacement contexts. The SOHES report also aims to inspire and encourage humanitarian energy sector partners, the private sector, and donors to progress towards better funding, inclusive policy-making, enhanced data collection, and inclusive innovative delivery towards achieving global climate and renewable energy targets.

The report demonstrates the value of inclusive research and shares a variety of insights from sector leaders, providing case study evidence and interview reflections from multiple humanitarian and development organisations, the private sector, academia and governments, and importantly displaced people themselves. Dr Rosenberg-Jansen says of the report;

“After 10 years since the humanitarian energy sector came into being, this report represents a seminal step forward in documenting and evidencing the progress made to deliver energy to the world’s refugees and displaced people. While some progress on policy is being made, delivery of sustainable solutions at scale has yet to happen: the majority of displaced people still live in the dark and do not have access to sustainable energy. Radical inclusive reform must happen within humanitarian agencies and dedicated substantial funding is needed to deliver SDG 7 in humanitarian settings by 2030.”

You can access the report here and an outreach webinar for interested researchers here.