Linacre is continuing to establish itself as one of the greenest Colleges in Oxford after recently investing £100,000 into the Low Carbon Hub, an Oxford-based clean energy social enterprise. 

The Principal invited students to identify an investment opportunity that was i) local; ii) a good financial investment, and iii) ‘did good’ for the local community. After considering options, the student committee presented the Low Carbon Hub’s share offer to the Finance Committee, who approved the recommendation. 

Tobias Jackson, a PhD student at the college and a spokesperson for the students’ ethical investment committee said: “We decided to focus on local, forward-looking and sustainable projects. Linacre has a reputation as a green college for its infrastructure and student values, and now its investments are following the same path”.

We are very proud to be able to foster our green and sustainable ethos in this way, and look forward to the LCH’s development. 

You can find out more information on the Low Carbon Hub and Ethex websites.