The British Muslim Awards are one of the most prestigious events in the British Muslim community, recognising and celebrating the contributions of British Muslims across a variety of fields. A Spokesperson for the awards said;

“Over the last decade we have looked to honour and uplift the achievements of British Muslims and look forward to the continued growth and success of this vibrant and dynamic community.

By showcasing the achievements of these remarkable individuals and organisations, we hope to inspire future generations and encourage greater diversity and inclusivity across all aspects of society.”

The award comes just months after Yama was recognised for Individual Excellence at the Association for Clinical Data Management Awards 2024. Yama oversees IT and data management for the Oxford Vaccine Group, directing teams to support vaccine research projects within and beyond the University of Oxford. His recent accomplishments include designing software for improved data management in clinical trials, contributing to governance policies, and leading data management for trials both locally and abroad, including collaborations with the Jenner Institute on HIV research.