We are very pleased to have recently purchased this new 21 bedroom property, to add to our accommodation portfolio and renew our commitment to being able to house as many Linacre students as we can. 

We are very excited and proud to market this house as the new prototype to help further Linacre’s Green commitments: this house will be fitted with energy-saving measures and be priced for our students excluding utility bills.

Linacre is committed to energy saving and innovation throughout our buildings and working practices, and our vision with 191-193 Iffley Road is to build awareness of how we use energy in our day to day lives and use this a learning opportunity to make improvements. We aim to reduce our Carbon Footprint and environmental impact by encouraging responsible energy consumption from residents of the house.  

The house is located at 191-193 Iffley Road, so the new new residents of this house will join an already-thriving community of Linacrites in East Oxford, with the Rhodes Building next door (189 Iffley Road) and Holloway House (201 Iffley Road) just down the road, plus Neil Fraser Bell House around the corner on Stanley Road. 

The 21 bedrooms in 191-193 Iffley Road now takes our accommodation tally to 198, meaning that more of our students have secure, comfortable and accessible accommodation as a base for their Oxford studies. 

For more information see: https://www.linacre.ox.ac.uk/facilities/accommodation/191-193-iffley-road