Thomas Linacre Studentships 2020

We are thrilled to announce this year’s recipients Gerardo Montalvo and Ndjodi Ndeunyema. We have compiled some of the things that their nominees wrote about them: 

Gerardo Montalvo

  • For outstanding contributions to College including as Social Secretary, as Welfare Officer, as a Peer Supporter, as a Senior Student and going above and beyond the duties of all of these positions. 
  • For going out of his way to make Linacre a safe and supportive home for so many. 
  • For always having a friendly word to say and an open ear to listen to other students’ needs and worries. 
  • For consistently and compassionately promoting welfare and well-being during this troubling time and making a large effort to make everyone feel supported.

Ndjodi Ndeunyema

  • For volunteering his time, his compassion, and demonstrating leadership, perseverance, diplomacy, and care in so many different and discreet ways. 
  • For embodying the public face which we should all aspire to display as ambassadors of the Linacre community and this University more broadly. 
  • For supporting many African and Diaspora students when they need help, and supporting the prison rehabilitation/debate project through the Linacre Africa Network. 
  • For providing a much needed and appreciated voice of legal and principled reason at various forums.
  • For leading the research at the Human Rights Hub and recently being one of the various co-facilitators of the Rhodes Must Fall Movement in Oxford.