The Linacre College Football Club is this year’s champion of the 3rd division MCR league (undefeated) and will now be promoted to the 2nd division. 

Football Club 2015

Linacre Football Club is the outright manifestation of the vibrant and warmhearted nature of our CR community. This year more than 30 enthusiastic members representing 20 nationalities gathered around the common aspiration of getting a promotion to the second division of the MCR league. This would be the first step in our journey back tofirst division, where the club used to be in its glorious days. The entire season was a celebration of companionship. Game after game team bonding increased both inside and outside the pitch. Tremendous enthusiasm and union were at all times our most valuable asset and gave us the necessary strength to overcome difficulties. We finished the league in first and were undefeated champions! Now we will proceed to the second division with no doubt about our merit to be there. However, the integration of such a diverse community is perhaps the greatest of our achievements. This is the true spirit of Linacre!

Milton Barbosa da Silva