We are delighted to announce that the following Thomas Linacre Studentships have been awarded in recognition of outstanding individual contributions to life at Linacre.

Tenable for a year and carrying a stipend of £500, the Studentships are funded in perpetuity thanks to generous gifts from alumni, Fellows, students and staff.

Senior Tutor, Dr Jane Hoverd, said of the awards;

“We had a fantastic number of nominations for the Thomas Linacre Studentships this year and it is wonderful to be able to make these five awards. The contributions made by the awardees is a tremendous testament to the vibrancy and strength of the Linacre community.”

Melis Karabulutoglu

Melis has been an active member of the College community for many years. Melis’ role as a bar coordinator for the Common Room has been instrumental in bringing the community together and revitalising it after the challenges posed by the pandemic. In addition, Melis holds the College’s Green Studentship and has made remarkable contributions to promoting environmental initiatives. Her achievement with this year’s ‘Second-Hand Swap Shop’ not only raised funds for charity but also made a significant impact on reducing waste.

Olivia Simpson

Having recently completed a 2 year term as CR Welfare and Equality Officer, Olivia has played a fundamental role in creating a supportive and caring environment, and now continues this work in her role as art coordinator. Olivia has been a committed member of the College, supporting the community and her peers through countless welfare events, organised with care to meet a wide range of needs and bring continual joy to Linacre.

Sophie Gray

As the CR Wine and Dine Coordinator and former Social Secretary, Sophie has been instrumental in creating engaging events, even throughout the pandemic, giving Linacre students a chance to unwind from studies and feel part of the community. Sophie is also founder and president of the Linacre FemTech Society, bringing together a group of likeminded individuals who share a passion for technologies for women’s health to engage with experts, from academics to industry, on a diverse range of women’s health topics whilst fostering knowledge and network building.

Rhiannon Ogden-Jones

Rhiannon has contributed to Linacre in countless ways, particularly in her role as Common Room Secretary where she put considerable time in to committees, working groups across the College and stash sales. Rhiannon has consistently gone above and beyond what has been asked of her in her role, working with both students and staff to positively and tirelessly contribute to life at Linacre.

Sean Telford

Sean is a valued member of the Common Room, contributing to the running of the bar and CR events, such as cocktail nights and themed parties, to ensure Linacre members are given the opportunity to engage in new and exciting activities. Sean goes beyond the remit of his duties to provide support and care to fellow members and enhance the Linacre community.