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Problems with your Studies

Problems with your Department

If you have problems in your Department – with your supervisor or your course – Linacre can help you negotiate a solution. As soon as a problem emerges, you should speak to your College Advisor and/or to the Senior Tutor, Dr Jane Hoverd. Dr Hoverd is skilled and experienced in helping students find solutions to problems with their Departments.

Problems Completing your Assessments 

There are a number of University processes in place to help you if you find that illness or other personal circumstances are affecting your exams or other assessments.  

Extensions for Taught Course Students

If you become aware that you will need more time for a piece of work, you can apply to the Proctors for an extension. The Proctors can grant extensions to make up for time lost through ‘illness or other urgent cause’.  

  • Extensions can be applied for up to 4 weeks before a deadline. Wherever possible you should submit an extension request in good time before a deadline. 
  • The amount of time you should ask for must relate to the study time you have lost through ‘illness or other urgent cause’ and has to be supported by the evidence you can provide. 
  • You will only be granted the amount of time lost, not the time you would necessarily like to be able to complete the work. 
  • The maximum total length of extensions that can be granted for the same piece of work is 12 weeks.   

Please contact Alison Franklin, Academic Registrar or Thea Teasdale, Academic Administrator, for more information on how to apply for an extension or if you have any other problems submitting your assessment, including if you have already submitted it late or if you have submitted the incorrect file.

Extensions for Research Students

Research students should discuss extensions of time with their Department. Graduate forms for research students for extension of time and other exceptional circumstances can be found here. If you would like further advice then you can discuss this with the Senior Tutor or Academic Registrar.

Issues with Exams

If you are unable to attend an exam due to "illness or other urgent cause that is unforeseeable, unavoidable and/or insurmountable" then you can submit a request for excusal up to 4 weeks before the exam. If you do not attend an exam on the day due to "illness or other urgent cause that is unforeseeable, unavoidable and/or insurmountable" then you may submit a request for excusal within 14 days of the missed examination. You should contact the Academic Registrar as soon as possible to discuss this.

If you attended your exam and were unwell, or your exam performance was affected by other factors, then you should submit a MCE as outlined below.

Mitigating Circumstances Notices to Examiners (MCE) 

If you believe your performance in an assessment has been seriously affected by circumstances related to COVID-19 and/or serious personal circumstances such as acute serious illness, chronic illness (including mental health conditions) bereavement etc. you can submit a mitigating circumstances notice to your examiners (MCE). You can also use the MCE process to explain to examiners why your exam response for an online open-book exam was submitted late. 

You should carefully read the guidance for students on the Consideration of Mitigating Circumstances by Examiners and the Student Impact Guidance.

You may submit an MCE directly in Student Self Service or via the college if you need the MCE to be raised on your behalf. Get in touch with Thea Teasdale, Academic Administrator if you would like this support or if you have any questions about the MCE process.

Suspending or Withdrawing from Your Studies

Suspension of status within the University ‘stops the clock’ for all elements of your degree, including residence, fees and terms for which a particular status may be held. Students may decide to do this for a variety of reasons, and if you are considering this option please speak to the Academic Registrar.

If you are considering withdrawing from your studies completely then you should discuss this with your Department in the first instance and inform the Academic Registrar as soon as possible. You may be able to reinstate at a later date.