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Prospective Students

Linacre has a very diverse group of graduate students, studying most subjects available at Oxford, and coming from over 50 countries. This rich and stimulating community is enhanced by an active and forward-thinking Common Room - the decision making body which all college members, including students, are part of.

Living in College

As a graduate college, most students are in their 20s or 30s, so the atmosphere is less 'adolescent' than that found in predominantly undergraduate colleges. Students with families are encouraged to bring their partners and children into college.

The college has a dining hall serving excellent food. Lunch in college offers one of the widest choices available to Oxford students (including fish and vegetarian options at every meal) and formal dinners are known for their quality.

Linacre aims to provide accommodation for all incoming students who request it.


Linacre students and Fellows (the academics attached to the College) eat and socialize together. Linacre has one Common Room for all and no High Table.

Linacre has a well-deserved reputation as an environmentally-friendly College. It is the first Oxford College to offset its carbon emissions and it has its own environnmental policy, where you can also find details of all Linacre's eco-friendly activities. Linacre is also the first college in the University of Oxford to have been awarded full fair trade status.

Linacre is committed to looking after the welfare of its students. See our Welfare page for more information.


The College has a very high reputation for the quality of its IT facilities and social and sporting environments.

All College rooms are linked to the ethernet, the wireless network covers most communal areas and the library offers very high-specification desktop computers, as well as printing facilities, specialist software and scanners. The library also has a variety of study environments, from comfy seating and group study to a dedicated silent study area. There are also study desks available in other parts of College. 

Sample contract

A sample student contract is available to download here.