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Applying to Linacre

In the Oxford system, application to a college is an integral part of your application to pursue graduate study within the University. Applications to all courses and departments are coordinated by the central Graduate Admissions Office. By indicating Linacre as your college of choice on the application form, your details will automatically be passed to us for consideration once you have been accepted for a place on your chosen degree. All prospective students, whether they are applying to Oxford for the first time or transferring from an existing course within Oxford, will need to submit the appropriate application to the Graduate Admissions Office.

We cannot consider applications directly. You must apply via University Online Application pages. You will be able to complete and submit your application online and upload electronic copies of supporting materials (including written materials, curriculum vitae etc). You can also register the email details of your referees online and we will contact them directly to request references, confidentially and securely. Don't worry if you don't have everything to hand right away - you may save a part-completed form and sign in later to complete the remaining sections. Submitting your completed application online is as simple as clicking the 'submit' button. 

Linacre College accepts applications to almost all courses and graduate study programmes available within Oxford University. However, there are a handful of courses for which we do not take students. Please see the list maintained by the Graduate Admissions Office for details.

How will Linacre make a decision about my application?

Applications for graduate study within Oxford are first considered by the department or course applied to. If successful, applications are then passed to the college of choice. The application is considered by members of the admissions committee within the college and a decision is reached about whether to offer the place. The college decision is informed by consideration of the following three areas.  For further information, consult the admissions selection criteria.

Minimum requirements

No student can be admitted unless they have already been accepted by a course or department. There are also minimum requirements for proficiency in English if it is not your first language.

Course or subject

As with all colleges, Linacre uses a quota system to help maintain a diversity of courses and disciplines within its student community. Each year a quota is set for the number of offers the college will make within a given area. Once this quota has been reached the college will no longer consider further applications and the applications will be returned to the Graduate Admissions Office to be passed to a second college.

Financial status

At the time of application it is only necessary to demonstrate that funds are being sought. No student can be accepted by the college until they can demonstrate they have sufficient funds to pay the course fees which will be due for the first year of their study.  It is essential that Graduate Admissions are informed about decisions concerning scholarships and other funding sources.

When will I expect to hear from the college?

Applications are passed to the college shortly after a decision has been made by the admitting course or department. If successful, a letter will be sent from the college directly. If unsuccessful, the application will be returned to the Graduate Admissions Office to be passed on to another college. Applicants are not informed in such cases. However, all students accepted within the University are guaranteed a place at a college and the admitting college will write to the student directly.

All offers from Linacre are made conditional on evidence being presented that the prospective student has sufficient funds to pay the course fees which will be due for the first year of their study. Upon receipt of the financial declaration, we inform the University that the student has met our condition for entry. Once the student has also met any conditions set by the admitting department, the University issues a final unconditional offer letter and contract.

The next contact with the College will be in August when a welcome pack is sent out to students starting in October.

Graduate Admissions Selection Criteria for Linacre College

Please note that any offer of a place will be subject to satisfactory financial evidence that the applicant can meet the fees for the first year of their course. Please consult this guidance for more details (

How do I get more information?

The Graduate Studies website contains all relevant information about applying to the University. For specific enquiries regarding Linacre College please contact