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Why come to Linacre?


The College is situated 50 metres from the science area and only a ten minute walk from all major departments and the centre of Oxford.  For most students this means that home is right next to where they work and play.


As a graduate College where most students remain in residence throughout the year, Linacre looks after its students continually. Service doesn’t stop during undergraduate vacations Our dining hall is open and our social calendar full all year round.


Linacre is strongly committed to reducing its impact on the environment. Many in our community are studying or researching environmental issues and we lead the way amongst Oxford institutions in environmental innovation.


The College has a very high reputation for the quality of its food, IT facilities and social and sporting environments.

An adult community

Most students are in their 20s or 30s, so the atmosphere is less ‘adolescent’ than that found predominantly undergraduate Colleges.


The College draws students from most subjects offered in the University and from around 50 different nationalities. Most students are new to Oxford.


Linacre students and Fellows (the academics attached to the College) eat and socialize together. Linacre has one Common Room for all and no High Table.