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Nice to see that you have found your way to our accommodation pages. Here you will hopefully find everything you need to know about our various accommodation options, whether you are a prospective, new or current student. For a quick overview, you can use the map below to see where our properties are located and get short summaries of the rooms available. 

We have approximately 240 rooms available across Oxford, so we are usually able to offer accommodation to all new students for their first year as a College member. We are also able to offer some rooms in subsequent years, so always worth checking if you would like to continue living in College accommodation. 

We only ever let accommodation directly via our accommodation team and does not use third parties to grant tenancy agreements, under any circumstances. 

back of linacre

Main College Site

St Cross Road

Prices from £550 per month

105 Banbury Road

North Oxford

Jericho and Park Town

Prices from £550 per month

New Iffley Road House

South East

Cowley and Iffley

Prices from £545 per month

Stoke House


Stoke House

Prices from £620 per month


When can I apply for my accommodation?

You should submit your accommodation application form as soon as you have received your offer from the College. You do not have to wait until you have met your conditions. 

If you are a continuing student you should follow the process advertised by the Common Room in Hilary term.

Can you guarantee accommodation for all offer holders?

Linacre reserves more rooms than are typically needed for a first-year intake.You are guaranteed a single room in a College property if you return a licence agreement on or before 30th June 2021. After 30th June we will make every effort to allocate you a room, but we cannot guarantee this. 

We have a very small number of double rooms and a limited number of ensuite rooms. About half of our rooms are on the main College site. The earlier you apply the more likely you are to have a wider choice of options.

Can I book two rooms and chose the one I want later?

You cannot book two rooms, so you must decide on one room only. You will be asked to pay the deposit and sign the licence agreement as soon as you make the booking.

Can I ask for a particular room?

You are unable to choose a specific room. If you have a medical reason and require a certain type of room, you should discuss this with the Senior Tutor and Accommodation Manager as soon as possible.

Why does the rent vary within the same property?

Many of our properties have been repurposed from private residential buildings to student accommodation, so the rooms are often of varying sizes. This means that we charge slightly different amounts for renting rooms in the same building. 

Can I see photographs of the room and a floor plan?

The photographs on the College website show a selection of the rooms at each house. Unfortunately, we cannot show photographs or floor plans of specific rooms. 

When is my room confirmed?

Your room will be confirmed when you have signed your licence agreement and returned it, with your deposit. If you do not return your licence agreement within two weeks of it being sent out, your reservation is cancelled.

A deposit is not required from students in receipt of certain scholarships, e.g. Commonwealth scholars – ask the Accommodation Manager if you think this applies to you. 

Do I have to pay a deposit? And if I change my mind, do I get my deposit back?

A deposit of £300 for a single room, or £450 for a double room, will be due with your signed licence agreement.The deposit is held until the end of your tenancy and deductions will be made for any additional cleaning required or damage made to the room. 

If you do not take up your place at Linacre (or for continuing students suspend your studies) you will be refunded your deposit and not charged your rent. If you simply change your mind, then you will forfeit your deposit and will be liable to pay rent on the room you have signed up for unless and until College finds a replacement resident for that room.

What is included in my monthly rent?

Rents include all utility bills (heating, electricity and water), as well as an internet connection. WIFI and/or Ethernet is also included, but the cost of a Television Licence is not.

A team of cleaners is on-site every week day to clean the communal areas in the properties, including bathrooms and kitchens. Most properties are cleaned daily, Monday to Friday with a small number cleaned twice weekly. Students are expected to keep kitchens and bathrooms clean and tidy between housekeeping visits. Students must clean their own rooms, and can borrow vacum cleaners to complete this task. 

We pride ourselves on having good environmental credentials, so students are expected to separate waste for recycling, including using the provided food waste caddies.

Tenants are required by law to obtain an appropriate licence for any television set or online streaming device used in the property. Failure to comply may lead to a fine by the TV licensing authority. You may apply on line here

When do I have to pay my rent?

Rent is charged monthly in advance, on the 1st of each month. It will be charged to your College battels account, which will be set up before you arrive in Oxford. This is also how you pay for food in the dining hall, drinks in the common room etc.  

Payment is due by the 20th of each month. 

You will be liable for rent from your arrival date into your room OR from Saturday 1st October 2022, whichever is the sooner.

Can I arrive earlier, and stay after, the standard Licence Agreement period?

Rooms will be available to all from Saturday 24th September 2022. It is likely we will be able to accommodate you before then. If you wish to arrive in Oxford earlier, you should contact the Accommodation Manager with your preferred arrival date so that we can check when your room will be available from. You may have to use a temporary room if yours is not ready if you arrange to arrive before 24th September.

It’s also likely that we will be able to accommodate you after your licence period ends on 31st July 2023, up to the middle of September. However, this does depend on circumstances such as the summer maintenance schedule, and can only be confirmed in April 2023. The Accommodation Manager will contact you around this time to establish if you wish to stay after 31st July, and will endeavour to keep you in the same room, or move you to a similar room in a similar location, as far as is possible. 

Am I allowed to leave before the Licence Agreement ends (31st July 2023)?

In exceptional circumstances you are allowed to leave before the Agreement ends. If you wish to consider leaving early you must contact the Accommodation Manager for further information. You can read your licence agreement for more information.

What furniture will there be in my room?

In addition to the bed, Linacre rooms typically contain a wardrobe, a chest of drawers, a desk and chair and book shelves. Rooms have a desk and ceiling light. Most rooms also have an ‘easy chair’.  In a few cases furniture may vary according to space and the measurements and design of the room.

As you are living with others, please ensure that any luggage you bring with you will fit comfortably within your room. You are advised not to bring any larger items, especially of furniture, but if you do it must comply in full to UK fire regulations.

Do you provide bedding and towels?

We do not provide bedding, but you are able to purchase a bedding pack (consisting of a duvet and cover, fitted sheet, pillow and case) at the time of your room allocation, which will be put in your room upon arrival. Bedding packs cost £30, and the charge is added to your battels. Contact the Accommodation Manager for assistance.

We do not provide towels but these can be purchased from College, depending on stock availability.

What equipment is in the kitchen?

All kitchens are shared. You will be allocated, on average, one fridge shelf, one freezer drawer and one kitchen cupboard in the kitchen for your own use. A limited number of basic kitchen utensils are supplied for use in the communal kitchen, but you will need to supplement these with your own cooking equipment and crockery. Try not to bring an excessive amount of cooking equipment, you need to share the kitchen facilities fairly and will not be able to use any additional storage space other than your allocated cupboard.   

Are there facilities for washing clothes?

There are laundry machines, irons and ironing boards in the properties. Laundry detergent is not supplied.

Where possible, the off-site houses have a clothes drier in the garden. In line with Linacre’s environmental ethos, you are asked to use this in preference to the tumble drier wherever possible.

Do not dry washing in your rooms as doing so creates damp and mould.

What is the bed size?

Single occupancy rooms are furnished with a standard UK single bed measuring 90cm x 190cm, double occupancy rooms are furnished with a standard UK double size bed measuring 35cm x 190cm. 

In the Union Street property only the bed is a three quarter size, which is larger than a single but smaller than a double and measures 120cm x 190cm. 

Am I allowed to have guests stay?

In accordance iwth the Licence Agreement, you are allowed a guest to stay in your room for no more than three consecutive nights, at infrequent periods through the year. You must inform the Lodge, via a simple online form, of the names and dates that your guests will stay for health and safety purposes. College will make an announcement once guests are allowed back in to College.

College also has one ensuite double guest room on the main site which any student may book to host guests in.The cost is £70 per night for double occupancy. For further information and to make a booking, contact the Accommodation Manager via The guest room is extremely popular and availability cannot be guaranteed, with stays limited to 14 days maximum.

Am I allowed to sublet my room?


Can I have a pet in my accommodation?

No animals are allowed into the College buildings, with the exception of Guide Dogs. You cannot keep any pet in the room or building. 

Can I bring my own kettle/toaster/rice cooker?

For reasons of fire safety, only College owned cooking equipment can be used in College kitchens and no cooking may take place in bedrooms.

The only exception is that you are permitted to have a kettle in your bedroom but, again for reasons of fire safety, you must purchase this from College, at cost price, from the College lodge on arrival or by contacting the Accommodation Manager in advance.

Can I bring my own fridge for my room?

No, for reasons both of fire safety and in line with our environmental policy, individual fridges are not permitted in student bedrooms.

Is there parking available?

There is no parking available for students. You are very strongly advised not to bring a car to Oxford, parking is very difficult to obtain and, where it is possible, typically expensive. You will not be eligible for a council parking permit if you are living in any of College’s accommodation. No University building in the city (libraries/labs etc) have parking available and a car will simply not be of use to you in the city.

Is there cycle parking at the accommodation?

Yes, all properties have outdoor bike racks. They vary in design according to the house and some are located in the front yard area of houses. Cycle theft is relatively common in Oxford so you are advised to invest in a good ‘D-Lock’ and to register your bicycle. Most people use a cheap bike which is undesirable to thieves in Oxford. You are not permitted to store a bicycle in your college room. 

Can I have post and parcels sent ahead of my arrival?

You should not send post and parcels ahead of arrival, but arrange for them to arrive the day you move into accommodation or for after arrival. You should use the main Linacre College address (Linacre College, St Cross Road, Oxford, OX1 3JA) as your correspondence address, rather than your accommodation address. The reception team will notify you when a parcel has been delivered, post will be placed directly into your pigeonhole.