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Coronavirus Situation: Important Information for Students

Friday 27th March 2020

Social distancing

The College’s policy on social distancing combines advice from the University’s Chief Medical Officer and the Government. In this context “public space” is defined as space to which more than five people, who are not part of a family group, have free access. Government regulation of public space therefore applies to all College facilities and accommodation.

The Government guidance on social distancing during the COVID19 emergency is clear. We should stay in our accommodation and stay away from others. This includes stopping all public gatherings of more than two people.

From now until further notice, the College requires all students living in accommodation to avoid groups of more than two whilst using shared indoor facilities. A distance of 2 metres must be maintained when using all shared facilities, including those outside, such as gardens. If maintaining such a distance is not possible, students should organise themselves to take turns in using shared facilities.

You must not have any guests in your accommodation at any time until further notice. There are no exceptions.

We do not have the capacity or any wish to police this policy. We rely on you to apply it with good sense.  We are hoping to be able to depend on the responsible community values of Linacre and maintain this policy voluntarily. Please remember that current national restrictions are having a very severe impact on the UK population. Please be considerate and public spirited at this difficult time.


All Reception services have been suspended until further notice. We can receive letterbox post only and it is not possible to take delivery of parcels and packages. If you are expecting the delivery of a parcel or package, you should make alternative arrangements with the supplier and their delivery provider. Emails to Reception will continue to be monitored remotely,

For urgent support (other than emergencies requiring a 999 response) call the College Duty Phone.

Less urgent requests for support related to COVID19 may be made by emailing You will only receive a reply from the COVID19 email address between Mon-Fri 09:00 to 14:00.

COVID19 FAQs are available here:

Dining Hall

All Dining Hall/Main Kitchen services have been suspended until further notice.


The Library and associated facilities are now suspended with no access possible. 


The Housekeeping service has been suspended until further notice. It is your responsibility to empty the bins in your room. If you live on the main College site, tie your bin bag and put it in the General Waste bins located in the main College car park. If you live in one of our off-site houses, place it in one of the General Waste bins located in your bin-store area.

Primary responsibility for cleaning of your building or house shared accommodation areas i.e. kitchens and bathrooms will be up to you to organise amongst yourselves. Multi-purpose cleaning kits have been left in all kitchens for your convenience and use. Additional household supplies have been left in strategic places throughout accommodation (either in kitchens or on top floor landings). Do not remove the cleaning items from kitchens and bathrooms: they are for everyone’s use and not intended for you to keep in your rooms. We will continue to monitor the provision of cleaning products and replenish stock when possible.


All general Maintenance service has now been suspended until further notice.

If you have a maintenance issue please complete this form and email it to

We will be prioritising emergency work over any non-essential work.

Fire Alarm Protocol

Please ensure that in the event of a fire alarm activation you immediately evacuate your building or house and muster at the designated Fire Assembly Point. Please do not re-enter the building until you are instructed to do so, or completely certain there is not a fire. 

The fire alarms on the main College site are monitored by University Security Services and Oxford Fire and Rescue Service who will attend in the event of an activation.

All off-site houses have stand-alone fire alarm systems. These provide the highest level of early warning protection, but are not monitored. Please ensure that in the event of a fire alarm activation you immediately evacuate your house and muster at the designated Fire Assembly Point. If it is a real fire you must call 999 to report it. 

If any fire alarm is activated please email our Maintenance Team at and report this so arrangement can be made to check and re-set the fire alarm panel, but only once it is safe to do so and after you have followed the above procedures.

We will continue to carry out our regular fire alarm inspections throughout this period. There are no planned fire tests or drills, so if the alarm is activated, you must evacuate.