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A range of grants and funding is available to support Linacre members as they study at the College. Except where noted below, you can apply using the grants and funding application form, although please ensure that you read all relevant details before doing so. 

If you are facing financial difficulties, you can apply for:

  • Hardship grants, for students experiencing unforeseen financial difficulties.
  • Writing-Up Bursaries, for DPhil students within two terms of their expected submission date who are facing financial difficulties.

If you want support with academic expenses, you can apply for:

  • Grants from the Academic Activities Fund, which supports students to organise events at the College, attend and present at conferences or other academic events, and engage in other academic activities.
  • Support with fees for Fast Track Courses in modern languages.
  • Travel grants from the Frederick Mulder Fund, for students working on social deprivation.

If you want support with expenses from University-level extracurricular activities, you can apply for:

  • Grants from the College’s extracurricular activities fund.  

Applications for most grants and funding are considered on a rolling basis year-round, with no deadline for submission.

Please allow two weeks for processing and consideration by the grants committee. If you have any questions, please contact the Academic Administrator (

Further details of the College's grants and funding are available below:

Hardship grants

To apply for hardship grants from the College, please complete the grants and funding application form, including a supporting statement from your tutor or supervisor. 

Please make sure you are eligible before applying by reading the qualifying conditions. Applications will be considered from any student, but you should be able to demonstrate that you are facing unexpected hardship or a change in circumstances.

Grants are typically limited to £500, but can be up to £1,000 in exceptional circumstances. If you are considering applying, please consider getting in touch with the Academic Administrator (, as alternative avenues of support may be available.

Writing-Up Bursaries

A small number of Writing-Up Bursaries of up to £350 per term are available if you:

  • Are a DPhil student.
  • Have achieved confirmation of status.
  • Are in the first or second year beyond fee liability (typically fourth and fifth years).
  • Are within two terms of your expected submission date.
  • Can demonstrate why you need financial support.

Grants are paid on a termly basis.

You can apply using the grants and funding application form.

Academic Activities Fund

To apply for the Academic Activities Fund, you should complete the grants and funding application form, including a supporting statement from your tutor or supervisor.

Grants from the Academic Activities Fund are available for:

  • Academic events held in the College, including seminar series, conferences, and talks.
    • Applications for this funding are reviewed each term by the Academic Committee.
      • Assessment is made on the basis of the strength of the application, the relevance of the proposed theme, and the likely success and impact of its implementation.
      • Inter-disciplinary applications are particularly encouraged.
    • The proposed activities should:
      • Be held at Linacre unless there are very exceptional logistical reasons why this is not possible.
      • Take place within twelve months of the funding decision being made.
  • Expenses related to attendance at academic events such as conferences at which you have been invited to present, including registration fees and travel costs.
    • Single awards can be up to £300 for overseas events or up to £120 for UK events.
    • You can receive a maximum of £300 over the course of a DPhil or £120 over the course of a taught degree.
  • Any other activities where a small grant would help to achieve your academic aims.
    • Financial support is not available if you could have reasonably foreseen that the expenditure would be necessary before coming to Oxford, for example compulsory field trips or research.
Modern language Fast Track Course fees

To apply for financial support with course fees for Fast Track Courses in modern languages, please apply using the grants and funding application form.

The College can reimburse you for up to half of the course fees upon successful completion of the course, although the grant does not cover examination fees or the cost of course textbooks.

This language course must be relevant to your studies, and students can only apply for financial support with one Fast Track Course during their time at Linacre.

Frederick Mulder Fund

To apply for travel grants in subjects related to social deprivation, please complete the Mulder Fund application form.

In addition to more general conference travel grants, Linacre has the Frederick Mulder Fund available to support current Linacre students in specific areas. This fund was established in 2004 by Dr Frederick Mulder, a former Linacre student, and offers travel grants, normally for fieldwork, to students working on social deprivation, in fields such as Social Policy, Anthropology, and Refugee Studies.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to arrange adequate travel insurance for the duration of their trip.

Extracurricular activities fund

To apply to the small fund available to reimburse you for expenses related to University-level extracurricular activities, please complete the grants and funding application form by the end of Week 1 of Hilary Term, to be considered in the grant committee’s meeting in Week 3.

Your application should include a supporting statement from the President (or equivalent) of the relevant club or society, confirming your membership and expenditure.

Students may apply for a maximum of £200 over their course and up to £100 per year. Only students who are in fee liability are eligible to apply.