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Linacre College has a number of grants available to existing members to help with travel expenses relating to conferences, attending research-related events or to assist with unforeseen financial difficulties.

To apply for one of the grants, please download and complete the relevant form, below, and return to the Academic Administrator (

Grant for Conference expenses 

Download form (word)(pdf). Please read the qualifying conditions (here) before you submit an application for Special Research expenses or on the basis of Hardship. 

Please note: in exceptional circumstances applications may be considered during the summer vacation, but only if proof is given that a paper has been accepted after the final Linacre House Trust committee meeting of Trinity Term and where the conference takes place before the first committee meeting of the following Michaelmas Term. In this case, students should contact the college office at the earliest opportunity.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to arrange adequate travel insurance for the duration of the conference.

Academic Activities Fund

The Academic Activities Fund (with an annual value of c.£2,500) is used to support student-led, Linacre branded events, such as the initiation and implementation of themed seminar series, conferences, talks, etc., within College.

Applications for this funding are gathered and reviewed termly at the meeting of the Academic Committee. Selection will be made according to the following criteria:

  •          the strength of the application
  •          the relevance of the proposed theme
  •          the likely success and impact of its implementation.

Applications of an inter-disciplinary nature are particularly encouraged.

Activities proposed should be held in College. Only for very exceptional logistical reasons will events located outside of College be approved, and, in such exceptional cases, the majority of participants should be from Linacre, and the academic content be of strong interest to College. Activities should be implemented within 12 months of the funding decision being made. 

Applications, in the form of a one page proposal (including a budget break-down), should be sent to the Senior Tutor ( no later than 12.00 noon on Monday of fifth week of term.

Writing-Up Bursary

A small number of Writing-Up Bursaries (up to £1000 each) are available annually to DPhil students who have achieved confirmation of status, are in the first or second year beyond fee liability, and are within two terms of their expected date of submission. Download form (word) (pdf).

Fast Track Modern Language Course Fees (formerly OPAL)

Linacre House Trust may reimburse up to 50% of Fast Track modern language course fees on successful completion of the course. This grant does not include examination fees or the cost of course textbooks. Download form (word) or (pdf)

In addition to more general conference travel grants, Linacre has a Fund, established by a former student, available to support current Linacre students in specific areas:

The Frederick Mulder Fund

This fund was established in 2004 by Dr Frederick Mulder, offers travel grants, normally for fieldwork, to students working on social deprivation, in fields such as Social Policy, Anthropology, and Refugee Studies. Download form (word)(pdf)

It is the responsibility of the applicant to arrange adequate travel insurance for the duration of their trip.

Leeds Hoban Linacre - Huntington Exchange Fellowship

This Exchange Fellowship was set up in 2009, thanks to the generosity of an Old Member and her husband. It enables a Linacre member annually to visit the Huntington Library, California, for a period of 4 weeks (and a similar arrangement exists for a Huntington member); the Fellowship, approximately £1,700 in value, pays for the Exchange Fellow’s travel and accommodation. The Huntington Library will help in finding accommodation. On their return to Linacre, in Michaelmas Term, the Exchange Fellow will be expected to give a paper at a Linacre Seminar, related to the area of their research at the Huntington. Details of each year’s Exchange Fellowship are published in Michaelmas Term preceding the visit, and are posted on a College noticeboard, and also on Linacre’s website. 

University level sporting or non-sporting activities

There is a small fund to reimburse part of the expenses of students participating at University level in sporting or non-sporting activities. An email application detailing expenditure, together with a supporting letter/email from the President (or equivalent) of the relevant club that confirms expenditure and membership, should be sent to the Academic Administrator by the end of Week 1 of Hilary Term. The Linacre House Trust Committee considers applications in Week 3 of Hilary Term. If some funds remain unspent, another round of applications will be accepted in the first week of Trinity Term. Only students who are in fee liability are eligible to apply.

College Hardship Funds

If you experience unforeseen financial hardship during your time at Linacre, there are some College Hardship Funds you can apply for.  Please read the qualifying conditions before you submit an application for on the basis of hardship. Full details can be found (here). Applications should be sent to the Academic Administrator. Download form (word) or (pdf)

Grants for academic & social events

Details can be found (here).